DrawWiz is a simple app which generates custom sketches of female cartoon characters.

You begin with a template sketch of a character. There are 120+ available, some in specific situations - shopping, cooking, eating, studying, dancing, more - while others are just figures.

If this starting point isn't what you need, then you can just click another, maybe have her walking the dog, or riding a bicycle.

Your sketch can then be customised in various ways. You're able to choose her hair style, eyes, glasses, nose, mouth/ lips, and more, again just by tapping one of the templates.

While this sounds basic, there's a little more versatility here than you might think. Choosing a mouth doesn't just define the shape of the lips, it also gives various expressions (happy, sad, surprised, angry, shouting). And you can also customise your sketch by adding tears, scars, a plaster, earrings and more, again helping to give your sketch some real personality.

There are also options to adjust ink colour, background and more, and once you're happy the image can be saved as an image for re-use wherever you like.

Version 1.50:
    1.Improved the bubble popup feature and support different screen sizes;
    2.Added anti-aliasing to the outside of the images, so they wouldn t look jagged;
    3.Added uncolored version and support penciled uncolored version of the comic secene;
    4.Added more outfits, bubbles, backgrounds and foregrounds;
    5.Other bugs fixes.


Despite the name, there's no "drawing" here - you're just combining various prebuilt elements to produce your own sketch. Still, there are hundreds of elements, and they're mostly very high quality, making the app very appealing for anyone who needs this kind of artwork.