Wondershare Data Recovery is a powerful application that can help you recover apparently lost data in many different situations.

The program's Deleted Recovery module, for instance, works like a standard undelete tool. Point Data Recovery at the drive containing your missing files, and it'll locate as many as it can; choose these and you're able to restore them in a click.

The Format Recovery module is more powerful, able to recover data even if your hard drive or partition has been formatted. It supports the FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems, as well as NTFS, so will work on memory cards, USB sticks and even old floppy disks, as well as hard drives.

The Raw Recovery module carries out a deep scan of your drive, locating lost data even if your file system is seriously damaged. You're able to preview images before recovering them to ensure you've located the right files.

And the Partition Recovery module can back up and restore your partition table. Although if you forget, and your system is trashed by a virus, don't worry: then program can often recreate a corrupted partition table, quickly restoring access to all your drives.

Please note, this trial version can locate your lost file only - to restore them you must purchase a licence key.


Data Recovery goes far beyond standard undelete tools to deliver strong all-round data protection