SyncBackFree is the free and more limited version of the powerful file backup and synchronisation tool which can be used with hard drives, removable media, network shares, FTP servers and more.

The program enables you to set up backup or synchronization profiles. A backup profile essentially copies the source folders and their contents to the backup location. A synchronize profile changes data in both directions to ensure that source and destination locations are the same.

You can set the program to work in simple or expert mode depending on whether you want an easily configured backup or if you need to use more sophisticated settings.

The simple mode is fine for many situations, but if you need real control then expert mode certainly delivers. For example, once you've configured your profile, click When and you can have your job run when you press a hotkey, log in or log off, when certain files or folders are changed on the source or destination, when a particular disk is detected, when a certain application starts or stops, or at some fixed interval (or any combination of those).

The Free version, as you'd expect, is a little more limited. You don't get support for FTPS servers, lacks advanced compression, doesn't include the new SyncBack Monitor, no file versioning, lacks incremental and differential backup and only includes basic variables. For the differences between the Free version and SyncBackSE or Pro, see the comparison chart.

What's new in (refer to the changelog for more info)?

- Updated: Full expand of a folder in File and Folder selection window can now be aborted
- Updated: Faster folder expansion in File and Folder selection window
- Updated: Uninstall will remind you of profile and settings backups if you select to uninstall all settings and profiles
- Fixed (Pro): Hash/pound sign (#) can now be used in filenames with WebDAV
- Fixed: Errors when sending email (log) to encrypted mail servers


The free version of SyncBack is a simple backup tool aimed at home users. It's worth moving up to the SE version if you want differential backup and support for secure servers.