Backing up files and folder can be a lengthy and time consuming process, and there is always the danger that a folder containing a selection of irreplaceable files will be missed and not included in the backup. This can be avoided by take more care when selecting backup sources, but a far more reliable option is to simply backup your hard drive in its entirety.

This is where Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal can help, making it possible to create a complete rescue kit for your computer in case disaster should strike. The program can be used to create a backup of your entire hard drive, but the option of backing up a selection of files is also available. The backup also safeguards your operating system and can be restored from bootable media. This means that if a computer problem renders your machine unbootable, you will still be able to restore it to a working state in a matter of minutes.

The program can also be used to restore data to another computer, so if you buy a new machine there is no need to install all of your software from scratch. Backups can be created on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB drive, or a separate drive or partition, making this an incredibly versatile tool. Backups can also be scheduled so there is no need to remember to keep doing so manually. If you have files you value on your computer, or want to speed up the process of reinstalling Windows, Paragon Drive Backup is the program for you.


A complete backup solution to ensure that your valuable files are kept safe