Backing up your important data is such a chore that we often forget until it's too late and we've lost our files.

With the rise of cloud-based storage, we do over-rely on keeping our files stored away, safe and secure. The problem with the cloud is that it relies on the same content on your computer. Cloud storage simply mirrors the files you've stored locally. If you remove (or the files get corrupted) files from your cloud folder, you might find that the files are replicated online. Not always, but we'd never recommend backing up your data to the cloud via a system such as Dropbox as these services are supposed to synchronise data across devices.

With this in mind, we'd always recommend a dedicated backup tool such as EasyBackup. Designed to be simple for the novice user, you simply have to select the files you want to backup and the destination and the tool will do the rest.

Choose the files you want to backup, from locations such as your pictures, documents and music, manually choose individual files and folders stored elsewhere on your computer, then plugin your USB stick or an external drive and your files will be backed up automatically.

Of course, if you need to recover data, you can simply load EasyBackup and choose a restore date and retrieve your data from the drive. Simple.


Very basic backup tool which could be ideal for the novice user, but one thing is lacking is any scheduled backup function, so you'll need to remember to keep your files backed up.