Almost all computer users are aware of the importance of backing up data. If data is stored on a hard drive, there is always a danger of hardware failure, virus infection, or some other disaster that could wipe out valuable files. Computer users have become more savvy when it comes to backing up local data, but the same cannot be said of online data - the thinking being that if data is stored in the cloud, nothing can happen to it.

But files and information stored online should be safeguarded in exactly the same way as local files. Google now has a number of online services from email and documents to calendar and contacts, and anyone who uses these services is likely to have a huge amount of data stored online. BackupGoo is a simple backup tool that enables you to quickly and easily backup all of your Google account data.

Unlike other backup tools, there are no complicated settings to configure. Once you have provided your Google username and password, the software will go ahead and start downloading all of your files and information to your hard drive. The most complicated aspect of using BackupGoo is ensuring that IMAP is enabled on your account. In reality this involves little more than visiting the Settings pages of your Google account and checking that an option box is selected. Once this is done, you are ready to start backing up.

Files are downloaded in formats that can be used in other applications, so should Google encounter a problem that wipes out your data, or you simply want to move to another service, you will not lose any of your information. With its low price tag and wonderful ease of use, BackupGoo is a great backup tool for Google users.


Simple and effective, BackupGoo is worth every penny of the asking price, but even in trial mode it can create a valuable backup for you.