Back4Sure is a small but powerful backup tool.

The program provides many ways to specify your backup sources. These can be anything from a single file to a host of folders scattered across multiple drives, and you can customise these further with include and exclude filters, both for the entire backup and individual folders (so, "exclude *.exe files generally except for folders a, b and c").

The backup files are saved to folders using the same drive and folder names as the source, and compressed in a regular ZIP file, so they're very easy to find and retrieve later.

Back4Sure can handle all kinds of awkward backup situations. Unicode file names? No problem. Very long paths? Doesn't matter-- it supports path lengths of up to 32000 characters.

There's support for running multiple actions before and after running the backup. Back4Sure can send an email, play a sound, or execute whatever program you like.

What you don't get here is any form of scheduler, but that's not a huge issue. Backup jobs can be launched from a shortcut or via the command line, making the program suitable for use with Windows' own task scheduler.


Back4Sure isn't difficult to use, but it's also not for beginners-- there are a lot of options here, and it takes time and thought to set them all up correctly.

While the program is actively updated, the developer hasn't tested it on anything higher than Windows 8. We don't see why it shouldn't work on Windows 10, but problems can't be ruled out, and again that could be worrying for PC novices.

Despite this, Back4Sure is a likeable program with many powerful functions and features which should appeal to experienced PC users.