Losing files, whether it is a result of hard drive failure, accidental deletion, virus infection or some other cause, can have serious consequences. While some files can be easily replaced, this is not the case for personal documents and digital photos. Auslogics Emergency Recovery can be used to scour hard drives for recoverable files, including files that have been wiped out due to drive formatting.

This flexible file recovery program can be used to restore data from a standard hard drive or USB drives, and if you know the name of a missing file you can use the search facility to speed up the process of scanning for recoverable data. Emergency Recovery can be used in Easy or Standard Mode, with the latter offering more advanced options for customising the files scanning process.

If you need to continue using the drive which contains deleted or lost data, it is possible to use the program to create an image of the drive. This image can be treated in precisely the same way as the drive itself, as it is an exact copy, so recovery can be performed at a more convenient time. Emergency Recovery can also be used for the opposite of recovery - ensuring that deleted files remain deleted. By selecting this option you can delete files and overwrite the section of the hard drive they occupied to prevent recovery. Similarly, you can use this tools to wipe the free space of your drive to ensure that files that have been deleted previously cannot be restored by someone else.


If you have been careless or misfortunate, Auslogic Emergency Recovery can help by helping you to recover your valuable files.