Download media files you’ve bought from an online music store and you may store these in a partition on your hard drive. Problem is that many users do not realise that you cannot download the same music files again, without purchasing the audio. Therefore it’s paramount you make your own backup of these files.

The same theory applies to other files you have on your system. Fonts are a good example. If you’re a web designer you need your fonts on your system to create the buttons and images for a particular homepage. Without them, you’re stuffed, particularly if you’ve already created buttons elsewhere on the site with the same fonts.

The answer is to run a regular backup of either your entire drive, a partition or a set of files and folders. Indeed, you could mix this up, so you back up an important partition (such as one with your media files or work) and a selection of files in another scheduled backup. Problem is that you need the software to do this and the built-in Windows backup tool just isn’t up to the standard required.

Acronis True Image is the market leader in this field and it’s easy to see why. It started off as a basic tool for backing up your drive or partition, then restoring if required. If you had a large hard drive, incremental backup support made this more straightforward, only backing up the files updated since the last scheduled backup.

More recently, Acronis added individual file backup and restore support, so you can just backup your most important files – making backup far quicker and more straightforward. However, Acronis True Image does more than just backup. You can use it to migrate content from one drive to another, cleanse your system and much more.

This is the latest Acronis True Image 2010 that enables you to backup your content online. You get a free 2GB account for the first 90 days, then it's £3.95 per month thereafter. Other highlights include a 'time line' approach to backup, so you can quickly go back to a backup from a previous date.

Better still, we have an exclusive 25% off the retail price of Acronis True Image 2010, so there’s never a better time to start backing up your drive.


Superb backup application that will enable you to backup an entire drive, partition or just a set of files and folders. Recommended.