Yovo is a free app which allows you to create and share simple photo messages, which then expire after a set time: anything from a second to one day.

Take a new picture - or choose one from your library - and you can make simple edits, adding text or blurring the shot.

Set its viewing time to a few seconds, minutes or hours, and you're able to tell others about the photo via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or Yovo itself.

You're not posting the image itself, just a blurred version and a Yovo link, so your friends will only be able to access the full photo if they install Yovo themselves. As it's only available for iOS right now, that's a problem, although apparently an Android version is "coming soon".

The clever part comes when someone does install the app, and displays your photo. Yovo overlays it with a grid, but moves this very rapidly, so the picture is still very visible to the human eye (if a little flickery). But if someone tries to take a screen grab, they won't be able to do so clearly, as the grid will always cover part of the image.

They could always take several screen grabs, of course. Or use something else to take a video of the screen. But the system does provide a little more protection than you get elsewhere, and that alone could make it worth the install.

Version 2.2 brings:
   - Bug fixes related to iOS 9


Yovo's screen capture protection doesn't guarantee your privacy, but it's still a clever touch, and overall it's an easy-to-use and configurable photo sharing app.