When it comes to playing music, WinAmp used to be a big name among PC users. With the move to mobile device, the number of audio player available has been steadily increasing and it is all too easy to forget that stalwarts such as WinAmp still exist. This is the Android version of the app and it boasts a number of interesting features that make it well worth a look if you have not tried it already.

WinAmp’s synchronization options are impressive. Not only can you import your existing iTunes library to help makes it easier to switch between apps, you can also wireless synchronize with WinAmp for Mac Sync Beta. As you would expect from an Android app, there is a home screen widget available that can be used to control playback from the lock screen and provide access to your favourite playlists.

There is the option of listening to thousands of online radio station, and you can browse through the wide selection by genre or by performing searches. When you are listening to music from your own library, you can navigate through album art and artist info, benefitting from integration with the likes of Last.fm and YouTube. Whatever you choose to use the app for, WinAmp’s intuitive controls and refined interface make the player a pleasure to use.

There is also a Pro bundle available as an in-app purchase and this enables you to unlock a number of premium features. Additional feature include a 10-band graphic equalizer, and interruption-free listening thanks to crossfading and gapless playback. There is also support added for FLAC playback, the ability to stream any online Audio based on URL and personalized radio station recommendations.

What's new in Winamp for Android 1.4.10?

* New: A setting that allows users to select notification type: e.g. None, Basic, Player Controls (ICS & up)
* Fixed: SHOUTcast art and data (including notification and widget) not updating on song changes.
* Improved: Additional optimizations to address music 'stuttering' issue on certain devices.)


A flexible and easy to use music player that could easily become your default music software in no time.