VLC 360 Technical Preview is an early version of VLC Media Player 3.0 with support for playing 360-degree videos.

The program installs, looks and feels like any other version of VLC, and it can open and play all your videos, audio files or discs.

What you also now get is support for 360-degree videos and panoramas following the spherical and spatial video specs. (There are some samples on the test build page)

These videos play just as before, but you're now able to left-click and drag within a video to look around.

VLC says there are multiple display modes, including "Zoom, Little planet and Reverse little planet" . We couldn't see any reference to these within the program, but maybe you'll be luckier.


It's great to see VLC Media Player get 360 degree-video support. We'd like support for more formats, and be able to find out how to change the display mode, but this is only an early build and there will be plenty more to come.