Superstring is a free tool for creating stylish and professional lyrics videos.

Choose an audio file and Superstring analyses it, displays the waveform vertically and starts playback. When you hear a lyric you're able to type it in a box at the appropriate point in the timeline. If you've missed something, click back in the timeline to play it again.

As you're typing, each line is displayed in the default "Explosion" style, smoothly spinning into view, slowing briefly before shooting away again. This looks a little plain, but you can use a different style, customise how the style works, add a simple colour background or a full image, and add a range of motion and special effects.

These aren't global settings, either. You can switch colours, fonts, backgrounds and more for every individual line, it you think it'll work. Go that far and it probably won't, but a little gentle tweaking could be interesting, such as giving individual singers their own font.

It may take a little while to figure out how everything works, as it's not always obvious. We added a custom background image, for instance, but it didn't appear. Why? Because the default seems to be that it's 100% transparent, we realised, eventually-- dragging the slider towards "Opaque" made it visible.

Your completed video may be exported as MP4 or FLV, ready for sharing with others. This takes a while as the program isn't just rendering a video, but first has to create a sophisticated animation of your flying text. Be patient, it gets there eventually.

Please note, Superstring's free build restricts you to SD360p resolution videos only, inserts a (not too intrusive) Superstring logo and displays ads. The $39.99 Pro edition removes these restrictions and supports HD 720p, HD 1080p and custom resolutions.


An interesting program which makes it relatively easy to build stylish and professional lyrics videos. Be patient when creating the final video, though-- Superstrings has to build a sophisticated animation lasting several minutes (probably), and this takes a while.