Most of us have experimented with more than one audio streaming service such as Apple Music, Google Play Music or Spotify and quickly realise it can be an arduous process to synchronise your existing audio with services you have used in the past. It's not always possible to import your saved music from other streaming services, but this process can be made simpler by utilising STAMP.

Once you load up STAMP, select your current service and then point it to your streaming software. For instance you can select that you are using Apple music and want to export to Spotify, STAMP will then create an XML file containing your playlist/music, selecting Spotify as your destination, leaving STAMP to do the conversion. While this works to a point, we found that it can run into issues when it attempts to copy and paste the full artist and song name, and if the song contains more than one artist (such as a collaboration), it can quickly get out of sync.

On the whole, despite it’s limitations mentioned STAMP provides one of the best solutions to moving music across your services manually, saving you a considerable amount of time.

It's important to note that you can only import 10 songs on STAMP Free, to unlock unlimited you will have to pay for the premium version.

What's New in Version 1.9.2

- Amazon changed their API so we had to update it, sorry for any inconveniences. It works now!
- Fixed various bugs in other importers.


STAMP provides the easiest option to synchronise your music between streaming services on the iPhone