As your iPhone is always likely to be in your pocket or in your bag, its built in camera is great for capturing memories. Snapture is a camera app that adds a range of features to the standard rather limited app. Taking advantage of the touchscreen, Snapture allow for tap-to-focus as well as simple image stabilisation.

Taking a photo does not mean having to press a tiny on-screen button - you can tap anywhere. Working in highspeed mode, you can fire off a trio of photos to ensure you don’t miss the action you're trying to capture.

You can also easily view and delete the photos you have taken without having to switch to the Camera Roll, and your favourite shots can be quickly shared online by posting them to Twitter or Facebook from within Snapture.

When taking photos, multi-touch zoom enables you to focus in on the action and colour filters are available to give your pictures a different look and feel. With a built in levelling tool, fast operation and a raft of handy options, Snapture is the camera app that should have been included with the iPhone.


Snapture is a cheap app which will revolutionise your iPhone's camera - definitely worth a trip to the App Store.