PlumPlayer is a compact folder-based music player with some surprising features.

In theory at least, the program can be very easy to use. Use the built-in browser to find a particular folder with music; click it to add those tracks to the playlist (MP3, WMA, FLAC, M4A, OGG and WAV files are supported); click Play and start listening.

Simple playback tools include play/ pause, previous/ next and "shuffle" buttons. You're able to edit your track list further, and save it as a playlist.

There are some unexpected features here. The "New Playlist" dialog doesn't just ask for you a playlist name, for instance. You can also enter an http:// URL to stream MP3's, as well as scheduling this to play automatically. And if you point the program at a folder of photos then it'll display them as a full-screen Ken Burns effect slideshow.

PlumPlayer's interface has improved from its first version, too. The program works more as you expect: you can double-click a track to start playing it, or click the track position bar to skip forward or back. And there are new additions, like the ability to import music files or export playlists, just by dragging and dropping.

There are still irritations to be eliminated. If you're playing one track and right-click another, for example, we would expect a context menu showing possible actions - but not here. PlumPlayer treats a right-click exactly like a left-click, and starts playing the new track immediately.

The program is getting better, though, and gaining some useful extras. We'll be interested to see how it develops.


PlumPlayer has some welcome features, and is gradually evolving into a capable audio player - but the interface still needs more work.