While your iPhone and iPad is a great toll for viewing photographs and other image - and, indeed, taking photographs in the case of the former - there are no tools available for even the most basic of image editing. This is something that is addressed by PhotoForge.

PhotoForge can be usedto edit any of the images you already have stored on your iPhone or iPad, and there is an impressive selection of tools at your disposal. Colour levels can be adjusting by channel RGB, CMYK and CIELab colour spaces, and filters such as sharpen and unsharpen, auto white balance, vibrancy and exposure are also available.

Whether you are editing existing images or starting from scratch, there are a range of brushes and tools to choose from. With eight different brush strokes, cropping, rotation, eye dropper, filling, transparency and more, working with the app is like working with a desktop image editor.

It is staggering to find so many options available in a mobile application - and the asking price is worth every single penny. Think of PhotoForge as Photoshop for your mobile device.


A hugely impressive tool that is a worthy addition to any iPhone or iPad.