While there is a massive market for image editing tools, despite the ever increasing use of digital music formats, the number of accessible audio editing tools has remained fairly low. NGWave is an instantly accessible audio editing tools which can be put to a variety of uses, from converting existing audio files to MP3 format to trimming out unwanted sections from recordings. Musicians will appreciate MIDI support as well as an integrated metronome, while all users can benefit from crash recovery - should the program crash during an editing session, simply launch the program again to pick up from where you left off.

Multiple clipboards make it easy to copy and paste selections between files, and the program will automatically convert between formats and bitrates as necessary. An unlimited level of undo means that it is easy to try out a range of ideas without worrying about ruining the original file, and there is a powerful set of tools on hand to help you achieved your masterpiece. Reduce the volume of a portion of a track and the levels will be faded in and out accordingly to avoid noticeable jumps; a graphic equaliser is on hand to help produce the best possible sound, and presets are available to reuse settings for this and other tools including the integrated compressor.

Everything you need to edit and enhance audio can be found in NGWave - silence and tone generation, reverb and echo, distortion and noise reduction, recording, waveform display, special effects, compression and much more. All of this is available at a fraction of the price of other comparable audio editing tools.


Simple and effective, NGWave makes editing audio files easy