MStream Express is an open-source Chrome-based music server.

The program is built for simplicity and can be set up in seconds, without having to install anything.

Basic configuration is as easy as selecting your music folder, and entering a user name and password. Click "Boot Server" and you're done.

To test the program locally, type localhost:3000 in a browser and enter the credentials you've just created. MStream Express displays your files and folders and you're able to select and play whatever you like.

The interface enables viewing your music collection by files, artists or albums. You're able to set up and share playlists, and download files from the server to your local device.

Experienced users will find options to adjust the mStream port, set up port forwarding, have mStream boot along with Windows, and more. There's even a DDNS plus SSL management option, although that's invite-only and a little experimental right now.


An easy-to-use music server which anyone can set up in just a few moments.