Tired of your disorganised music collection? MetatOGGer is a smart tagging tool that can help bring order to the chaos. You could use it much like any other tag editor: add a bunch of tunes (MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, Speex, Musepack, WavPack and Monkey's Audio files are supported), then set tags manually, from file names or paths. If the file names don't follow any conventional rules, though, you can always try the much more interesting "acoustic fingerprinting" approach. This analyses your audio files to produce a digital fingerprint, then checks the MusicBrainz database, and grabs any missing tags whenever it found a match. Which, in our tests, proved to be around 85% of the time. And if you'd like to be really thorough then you can even retrieve the lyrics and cover art for your music, optionally storing the results within your audio files. The program isn't perfect, though, and has a number of annoyances. The interface is a little strange, for instance: it may take a little while for you to figure out how everything works. The slightly incomplete translation from the original French doesn't help, and tagging performance is a little slower than we'd like. Still, if you've a large music collection to be tagged, and you'd like to include extras like lyrics and cover art, then we think MetatOGGer will still save you time overall and it's definitely worth a closer look.


A quirky but powerful tag editor that's packed with interesting features