The Jalbum desktop software provides and quick and easy way to transform your digital photographs into stunning galleries that ca be shared online. The Jalbum iPhone and iPad app brings very much the same idea to mobile Apple devices.

You have the option of working with photos that have already been added to you library, but new photos can also be taken from within the app. All you need to do is select the images you would like to include in an album, and providing you have access to a 3G or wifi connection, your album will be automatically added to your Jalbum homepage.

The app can also be used to upload new photos to an existing photo album so you can keep your images up to date whilst on the move. Jalbum for iPhone & iPad can also be used to browse through other recent and popular albums that have been posted to the Jalbum web site.

The albums you create in the app can be shared with others via email, but a link can be automatically generated ready for pasting into a Twitter or Facebook post.


The mobile version of Jalbum is functional, but a little limited. It is a helpful accompaniment to its desktop counterpart, but as a standalone app, it is found somewhat lacking.