EMDB is a powerful database that makes it easy to keep track of your movie collection.

How easy? To add a movie you simply enter its title, click the Search IMDB button, and EMDB will track down matching movies for you. Choose the right one and it automatically finds and fills in details like the cover art, cast, genre, director, duration and a whole lot more.

You can then customise the entry with a rating, or more specific information about your copy. Like, is it a VHS tape, DVD, Blu-ray disc, something else? Is it a PAL, SECAM or NTSC copy? Which region is it? And the list goes on.

Or, if you're in a hurry, you can just click OK and add this particular movie to your collection. Which is very nicely displayed, with your movie cover art images laid out on a virtual shelf (although you can also opt for a more ordinary text-based list, if you like).

Once you've finished then the database can have several possible applications. You're able to use it to track movies you've loaned to others, for instance. Or to create Wish Lists of movies you like, but just haven't got around to buying yet.

And if you've a particularly impressive collection, then the Export option will allow you to save its details on HTML pages, ready for uploading to a website and sharing with the world.

What's new in 3.09?

- Playlists: Added option to select multiple files in one go.
- Playlists: Added option to add (the content of) a folder.
- Database: Added AAC 7.1 audio format.
- Database: Added support for local trailers.
- User Interface: The counters of selected and available actors were not updated when adding or removing an actor.
- IMDb Import: Improved the Composer import.
- IMDb Import: Improved the Character import.
- Add from Hard Disk: Improved reading of the IMDb number from an NFO file. 
- HTML Export: Updated the DarkComfort HTML Export template (thanks to R3gi). 
- CSV Import: CSV import: Added support for the seen date in the Seen import field. 
- Translations: Updated the German, Spanish, Czech, French, Arabic, Italian, Slovenian and Dutch translations


Compact, easy to use and entirely free, EMDB is one of the best movie management tools around