However proficient a musician you may be, tuning is important, but is also something that many musicians find difficult to master. Unlike some tuners available for the iPhone, Cleartune is not limited to stringed instrument, and can be used to tune virtually anything that produces a musical note.

The clear and easy to read spin dial makes it immediately clear whether or not a particular note is in tune, and the accuracy level means that after tuning session you will really be able to notice the difference. Having a tuner built into your iPhone means that there is o ne less piece of kit to carry around with you, but opting to ditch a dedicated tuner does not means having to make compromises.

Cleartune is tremendously responsive and incredibly accurate, and whether you are tuning a guitar or an oboe, you can ensure that you are in key very quickly. This may be all that you would expect from a tuner, but this handy app has more to offer. It is possible to use custom temperaments, transposition and notation, making Cleartune highly flexible.


Whatever instrument you need to tune, Cleartune is a highly accurate app which is always on hand to help you out.