Boxee is a great piece of software that can be used to transform your Mac or PC into a fully-fledge media centre that can be used to play music, watch videos, display photos and surf the internet. Using Boxee Remote you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a remote control that can be used to navigate Boxee without the need to reach for your computer or laptop.

Getting the app set up really could not be simpler. Providing a computer running Boxee is up and running, no configuration is required. Simply ensure that your iPad or iPhone is connectedto the same network as your Boxee machine and it will be automatically detected.

The remote software can be used in either 'button' or 'gestures' mode. In button mode, on screen buttons and cursors can be used to navigate Boxee while in gesture mode, on-screen sweeps and taps are used instead. Switching between modes is nothing more than a tap away and you are likely to find that you flit from one to the other depending on what you are doing in Boxee.

The app can also be used to enter text into Boxee and the on-screen keyboard is much easier to use than navigating a virtual keyboard with a standard remote. Available free of charge, the app really comes into its own if you have connected your Boxee computer to your television as it allows for easy navigation and control from the sofa


Simple, elegant and free, Boxee Remote is an essential download for any user of Boxee.