You can work from just about any location these days with little more than a laptop. You don't need a fixed office, but you will need an internet connection.

Problem is, if you pick a cafe or a noisy location, focusing can be tough. You could bring your headphones and listen to some music. Alternatively, if you want to hear something new, try tuning in to one of the thousands of worldwide radio channels.

Audials Radio makes it easy to find an online radio channel. Start the application and the user interface looks like the Spotify app. Want to quickly find a known channel? Simply search. You'll find all the commercial and independent radio stations. However, if you a more specific station, then search by music tastes. You can choose between pop, synthpop, chart, house, dubstep and many other styles.

If you're overwhelmed by a station, add it to your favourites. Next time you start Radio, you'll see a history of your previous radio channels, making it easy to find one of your previous choices.

When you choose your station, if there's a track you hear, Radio will find the source for you and enable you to play the track. You can also find previous recordings from your favourite radio stations, so you can quickly find a broadcast from earlier in the day if you missed something you want to hear in the future.

Radio also enables you to pool your music (from iTunes and other sources) into one easy-to-find location. There's a podcasts section, so you can find and listen to a podcast, rather than a radio station.

Lastly, there's a quick record function for grabbing audio from your station. If you like something you hear or know there's something you want to record, choose this option whilst the station is playing and Radio will record the audio to your PC.


Excellent multi-purpose radio station finder, genre player and radio station recorder, in one.