Let's face it, even if you pay and subscribe to commercial streaming sites such as YouTube or Spotify, you're locked into their arrangement. You can download tracks to your devices, but you still need Spotify to play the tracks.

What you need is a third-party tool which is designed to play and extract audio from various sources and Audials One is probably the most comprehensive. At its most basic, it's effectively a music player which can bring together your tracks you've obtained from different locations.

Want to find a radio stream, Audials One will not only list 1000s from around the world, but if you hear something you want to record, you can simply grab the audio, in a format you desire, then save it to your playlist.

Wanting to watch Netflix and interested in the audio stream? One will enable you to extract that, too. As it will from other video sources such as YouTube, which makes it ideal for extracting the audio from a live concert.

What's new in the 2020 edition is support for lossless encoding, with 96KHz/24-bit quality using FLAC, OGG or WAV containers.

Once you've sourced all your audio, what One does superbly is bring everything together in a single UI. Think of One as your iTunes for every audio file.


Superb tool for locating, sourcing, recording and then playing back recorded audio from various sources around the world.