Advanced JPEG Compressor 2011 is a powerful tool which allows you to resize, edit or just reduce the file size of your JPEG files with the absolute minimum loss of image quality.

For an easy way to discover how the program works, just drag and drop some of your largest JPEGs into the Advanced JPEG Compressor 2011 work area. You'll then see the original and compressed version of each image, and can zoom in and out to prove to yourself that there really is very little quality difference. (We managed to reduce most of our test images by more than 50% without seeing any significant quality changes at all.)

There are plenty of useful editing options you can try out on your pictures. Advanced JPEG Compressor 2011 is able to resize, rotate or crop your images, remove red-eye, add watermarks, and tweak brightness, contrast, colours, saturation, sharpness and more. Other editors can do much the same, of course, but they'll reduce your image quality every time you save the file: Advanced JPEG Compressor 2011 works hard to keep this to an absolute minimum.

And it does a good job, too, although the interface can seem a little intimidating at first, with a host of sliders, tabs and toolbars allowing you to customise how the compression works. Fortunately you don't have to pay much attention to these initially, though: the program's default settings are well chosen, and there's no need to experiment with the more advanced options until you're ready.

Please note, this demo version does have one very major restriction in that it won't let you save your processed files. This doesn't prevent you from seeing if the program will work for you, as you can view the finished file and see the size it would be, but of course it's still a little annoying.


A powerful tool which really can significantly reduce the size of your photos without any visible loss in image quality