Adobe Photoshop Express is a simple image editing and fixing app for Windows 8.1 and later.

Import an image from your camera, picture library or file system and the app displays buttons representing its various features.

Clicking "Crop" displays a cropping rectangle over your current image, and you can drag or resize it to select the area you need. But the app can also resize the picture to fit various standard aspect ratios, and you're able to flip, rotate or straighten the image.

"Correct" offers sliders to manually adjust contrast, clarity, vibrance; exposure, highlights, shadows; temperature and tint.

There are one-click "Auto White Balance" and "Auto Exposure" options available if you're in a hurry, and a one-stop "Auto Fix" button which optimizes everything, all at once.

Sign in with a free Adobe ID and you get the "Looks" pack, with 20+ filters you can apply with a click: "Vibrant", "Misty", "Invert", "Vivid" and more.

The bonus "Reduce Noise" module has separate sliders to reduce colour and luminance noise.

When you've finished, the program can save your file locally - only as a JPG - or share it directly on Facebook.


Adobe Photoshop Express looks good, is easy to use and has some well-designed features, but it's too short on functionality for long-term use. Try it if you need a specific function - cropping to a particular aspect ratio, reducing luminance noise - but otherwise look elsewhere.