Wearables Deals

Here, we're talking all-things wearable tech. Smartwatches, activity trackers, fitness accessories and more, we've got all the best deals.

Best Wearables Deals

Fitbit Deals

Fitbit Flex 2

From: Amazon

Was: £79.99

Now: £49.99 (£30 off)

We love Fitbit's minimalist activity tracker, and right now it's super cheap at Amazon.

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Fitness Tracker Deals

Fitbit Flex 2

From: Amazon

Was: £79.99

Now: £49.99 (£30 off)

We love Fitbit's minimalist activity tracker, and right now it's super cheap at Amazon.

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Smartwatch Deals

Huawei Watch 2 Sport

From: Amazon

Was: £279.99

Now: £139.99 (£140 off)

The Huawei Watch 2 Sport at this price is a great deal as part of Amazon's Black Friday sale. Check our our Huawei Watch 2 review for more info.

Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 3

From: Vitality

Was: £279 to £399

Now: £9 to £99 (up to £300 off)

Get the Series 4 Apple Watch for £99 when you sign up with Vitality Life Insurance and meet your activity goals.

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More Wearables Deals

Samsung Gear VR with Note8, S8 or S8+

From: Samsung

Now: Free Gear VR with purchase

Samsung has loads of freebies this month! Not only can you receive a free VR headset when you buy a Galaxy Note 8, S8 or S8+, you can also claim up to two gig tickets worth £140 for free.

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Wearables Deals 2018

The wearables category is ever expanding. We're talking fitness trackers and smartwatches and sports accessories, alongside smart glasses and even smart clothing. We've got the best wearables deals to share with you right here on Tech Advisor.

Wearables: Useful vs gimmicky

The thing with the werables category is that it's so experimental. There are some products that are sticking around for a while, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, but even Google gave up on its smart glasses project Google Glass.

Before you buy any wearable, we'd recommend carefully considering whether it's a practical addition to your wardrobe or a gimmick that you'll wear for a week and find years later sitting in the back of your drawer.

For fitness finatics, it's well worth investigating some of the sports accessories and activity trackers. You'll find smart tech to help you improve your skills and efficiency in almost any sport, whether that's running, cycling, golf or swimming.

And if you've got some spare cash to splash, a smartwatch might be of interest to help you keep on top of notifications and reminders without needing to look at your phone. Most also have activity tracking capabilities, too, and some even allow you to answer phone calls from your wrist.

Glasses, on the other hand, are currently only suited to early adopters. Despite being around for some time, they're in their early stages and no one seems to have made a pair of smart glasses that's worth buying just yet.

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