2-in-1 Laptop Deals

A 2-in-1, or convertible, is a laptop that can also function as a tablet. Some have removable keyboards while others have them integrated and can rotate 360 degrees

There are a lot out there, and some of them are a lot better than others. If you do take the plunge, then here we've made sure that you're going to be saving money on a quality product.

2-in-1 Laptop Deals

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6

From: Samsung

Was: £649

Now: £499 (£150 off)

Save £150 on Samsung's 10in Galaxy Book productivity tablet.

2-in-1 laptop deals 2017

2-in-1, or convertibles, are laptop style devices that can also operate as tablets. Their designs vary; some have detachable keyboards, others have 360 degree hinges that spin round but don't detach.

2 for the price of 1?

It took a while for them to find a place in the market as people wondered why they needed a bybrid device. Then Microsoft made the Surface Pro, and everything was clearer. Here was a laptop with touchscreen input that was easy to use, carry and around and (whisper it) looked really cool.

Which to choose?

So now there are many copycat devices but also a raft of decent ones. Apple's iPad Pro isn't strictly a laptop as it runs a mobile operating system in iOS, but many of the best 2-in-1s run full Windows 10, with trackpad and sometimes stylus integration.

2-in-1 laptop deals are available all-year-round if you know where to look, so stick with Tech Advisor to discover the best.

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