So it’s time for a new mattress? If that sunken, tea-stained, creaking spring-board you wince yourself to sleep on at night no longer allows a restful slumber, you may need to upgrade – in fact, you definitely should upgrade.

It’s advised to change your mattress every 7 to 10 years. Though it’s not cheap, a good mattress is a long-term investment that saves you from the health risks of sleep deprivation – and not to mention ongoing joint and muscle pain.

Thankfully, buying a mattress these days is easier than ever if you know where to look. Plus, with Cyber Monday sales taking full force mattress shopping is also cheaper.

In this article, we’re rounding up the best mattress deals from the top retailers in the UK, along with key buying advice so you can find the best mattress for your needs.

Best Cyber Monday mattress deals

Here's a quick overview of the best mattress discounts on now. We will update this list as more offers become available.

How to choose a mattress

Before you buy, it's important to identify what you want to get out of a new mattress and the type of mattress you need. Apart from budget (obviously), think of your sleeping position, weight and the level of warmth you're comfortable with through the night.

Innerspring (or coil) mattresses are the most common and the most affordable. Spring mattresses stay cooler through the night because of the space between the coils, which facilitates airflow.

There are different types of coil mattresses though, which you can learn about in our dedicated guide on choosing a mattress. Bonnell and Marshall/Pocket coil mattresses are better for preventing motion transfer, while Offset coils are recommended for support.

Memory foam mattresses are firm and spongy with low motion transfer. These offer support by conforming to the contours of your body and are ideal for folks who sleep on their backs. Keep in mind the density of the foam does trap heat overnight.

Similar to memory foam are latex mattresses, which cushion and support the sleeper, but sink in less. Latex keeps cooler at night too.

Gel mattresses are similar to memory foam, but integrate a cooling gel to offset heat. Hybrid mattresses are also a common option you'll see across retailers. These use a combination of a spring base with a latex or memory foam top.

Tips for choosing a mattress

Generally, if you sleep on your back, memory foam mattresses are best, while side sleepers should opt for soft or medium firmness. If you sleep on your stomach, we'd advice choosing a medium to firm mattress. 

If you weigh less than 180 pounds you should opt for a softer mattress, while those between 150-200 pounds should look for a mattress with medium firmness – though a softer mattresses may be preferable if you like more cushioning.

Heavier sleepers (200 pounds or more) should opt for firmer mattresses; this offers better back support and prevents overheating.

Where to find Cyber Monday mattress deals

Some of the most popular mattress retailers include:

Most online mattress retailers will offer sleep trials anywhere from 100 days up to a year, which should give you plenty of time to decide whether the mattress works for you. Otherwise, we would recommend heading to a showroom.

Remember to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes on each mattress you try, so you can glean a proper sense of what it feels like. Try the mattress with your partner if you can, so you get a practical taste of issues like motion transfer or overheating.

Best Cyber Monday Mattress deals

We will be updating this round up as more mattress deals become available, so stay tuned.

1. Eve Sleep Hybrid Memory Foam/Spring Mattress

From: Amazon

Was: £549

Now: £389.99  (£159 off)

You can pick up an eve Sleep mattress for around £160 less from Amazon right now. Keep in mind it's currently on back-order and returns to stock on 11 December.

2. Simba Black Friday Sale

From: Simba

Now: Up to 40% off

Simba is one of the leading mattress retailers and right now it has up to 40% off its sleep bundles for Black Friday. The Ultimate Simba Hybrid bundle includes a Hybrid mattress, a Hybrid duvet, adjustable pillows and a free mattress protector.

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattresses - Black Friday Sale

From: Nectar Sleep

Was: From £499

Now: From £249  (£250 off any mattress, plus free delivery)

Nectar Sleep's Black Friday bundle cuts £250 off its mattresses, includes two pillows worth £70 and free delivery. You can try Nectar Sleep's mattresses for a full year. 

4. Emma King Size Mattress

From: Amazon

Was: £454.35

Now: £422.54  (7% off)

Amazon, unsurprisingly, is a good destination for mattress deals. Get 7% off this king-size Emma mattress right now. Be sure to apply the voucher at checkout.

5. Emma Black Friday Discount

From: Emma

Now: 40% off sitewide  (with code BLACK40)

Pick up a Black Friday discount from Emma with code BLACK40. The company also offers a 100-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee.

6. Otty Black Friday Bundle Discounts

From: Otty

Now: Up to £460 off

Otty has big savings on mattress and pillow bundles, with up to £460 off if you choose to include a bed frame. If you're just after mattresses alone, you can also pick one up with up to £150 off.

7. Eve Sleep Early Black Friday Discount

From: Eve Sleep

Now: 20% off  (with minimum £400 spend)

Eve Sleep has its early Black Friday deals on now where you can save 20% on any purchase of £400 or more. You get a 100 night trial and 10-year warranty with Eve Sleep mattresses.