With the Kama Dock, the Kama Rack 3.5 and the Kama Rack 5, Scythe has several options if you need devices for removable storage. We liked the Kama Dock the most, particularly because you can connect it via USB 3.0. See all Storage Device reviews.

You can't always fit all the storage you want or need into your PC chassis, and sometimes you don't even want to. If you for example want to connect an old hard disk to access files you can't find on the new hard drive after having reinstalled the OS, then it's actually better not to.

Added to that are memory cards of various sizes and capacities. Scythe has come up with solutions for all types of scenarios. There is the Kama Dock (about £24) to which you can connect 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk. This is an external solution, in other words. Scythe also has 3.5 and 5.25-inch modules that you can install, such as the Kama Rack 3.5 (about £16) and the Kama Rack 5 (about £20). Hardware.Info reviewed all three products.

With the Kama Dock, Scythe includes a USB 3.0 cable of 103.5 cm, in addition to the power adapter. The docking system itself is pretty straight-forward. The holder on the top has four different adjustable settings, from horizontal to about 60 degrees upright. The dock has a solid look and feel, both when using a 2.5-inch hard disk and when using a 3.5-inch model. We specifically mention 3.5-inch disks, because the extra weight could potentially cause instability.

The product names Kama Rack 3.5 and 5 reveal their size. These are modules you can install in a 3.5-inch bay. Scythe claims they are compatible with all current Windows versions. The Rack 5 support more card formats than the smaller model, as it can also take CompactFlash and MicroDrive.

Both readers support micro memory cards, MMC chips and the smallest Memory Sticks, full-size SD and SDHC cards and microSD. Both models also come with an e-SATA connector, USB 2.0 (one on the Rack 3.5 and two on the Rack 5) and a hotswap bay for 2.5-inch disks. The Rack 3.5 has one of these, and the Rack 5 two.

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Scythe Kama Dock