Software Buying Advice

  • windows 10

    The best Windows VPN 2019

    Use the web securely and anonymously with any of these VPNs optimised for Windows

    06 Feb 2019

  • linux

    The best Linux VPN 2019

    Not every VPN has a Linux version, and of those that do, not all are created equal - here are the ones you can trust

    06 Feb 2019

  • how to watch hulu outside the us

    The best VPN for Hulu 2019

    A VPN is the best way to watch Hulu from any country in the world - here are our recommendations

    05 Feb 2019

  • best vpn for streaming

    The best VPN for streaming 2019

    If you want to watch TV from abroad or just stream with a bit more security, you'll need a great VPN

    05 Feb 2019

  • best student deals

    The best student deals of February 2019

    We find the best UK technology bargains available for students this month

    01 Feb 2019

  • best vpn deals

    The best VPN deals of February 2019

    Get the best deals on VPN plans this month

    01 Feb 2019

  • best antivirus deals

    The best antivirus deals of February 2019

    Don't miss out on huge savings on antivirus and security software this month

    01 Feb 2019

  • best travel gadgets and tech

    Best Travel Gadgets 2019

    You won't want to fill your hand luggage with too much tech, but some essential gadgets can make your holiday even better

    30 Jan 2019

  • dna test kits deals

    Best DNA test kit deals and family tree records offers

    Discover your ethnic origins with these deals on the best DNA testing kits and family tree records

    30 Jan 2019

  • best free photo editor

    Best free and cheap photo editing software

    Don't pay Photoshop prices for photo editing software - check out these free and cheap options

    28 Jan 2019

  • office

    Microsoft Office buying guide: Which version should you buy?

    Microsoft offers several versions of Office - here's our buying advice including Office 365 vs Office 2019

    17 Jan 2019

  • best gaming vpn

    The best VPN for gaming 2019

    Protect yourself while playing online with one of our top picks for the best VPN for gaming

    07 Jan 2019

  • ancestrydna deal

    Ancestry offers £30 off DNA test kit on Boxing Day only

    Special Boxing Day only offer on market-leading DNA kit

    26 Dec 2018

  • how and where to buy software main

    How and where to buy software

    Things to consider before you purchase software for any device

    19 Dec 2018

  • office 365 main

    Microsoft Office 365 Home subscription update offers increased value

    Microsoft 365 is making its 365 subscription more tempting for the masses

    04 Sep 2018

  • best pc optimisation software ashampoo

    Best PC optimisation software

    Put a spring back in your PC's step by clearing out the clutter that's slowing it down

    18 Jul 2018

  • adobe creative cloud price plans free trial student discount

    Adobe Creative Cloud price plans, free trial, student discount & more

    Find the right Creative Cloud membership for your needs

    31 May 2018

  • PC laptop old people parents grandparents

    How to choose a computer for older people

    Replacing your parents old PC or laptop is a difficult task. We help you choose the best replacement

    11 Apr 2018

  • g2a legit

    Is G2A Legit?

    G2A offers the latest PC games at cheap prices, but you do need to be careful when using the online marketplace

    06 Apr 2018

  • mainedited

    Best VPN for Bitcoin

    Anonymity is one of the key features of cryptocurrencies, so make sure it stays intact with a VPN.

    06 Apr 2018

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