The lift-off distance of the Roccat Alumic is outstanding. It is rare that we measure less than the 0.85 mm we achieved on this mousepad combined with our Zowie AM-GS mouse. Most mousepads have a lift-off distance of around 1.5 mm. The smoothness and size of the Alumic make it perfect for swiping movements and frequently lifting the mouse. That means it is highly suitable for every type of gamer, from low-sense to high-sense.

If you've ever looked around your office, you must have noticed that different people like different mousepads. Large or small, thick or thin, plastic, fabric or even leather. Some prefer a hard surface, and then you can use a glass mousepad. Or you can try this aluminium one, called the Roccat Alumic. Hardware.Info went hands-on with the mousepad, to find out whether mice and metal is a good combination.

Not everyone likes the same type of surface for their mice, not just because different materials feel differently, but because of how different ways of using a mouse. A large mousepad is practical if you're working on multiple monitors and have to go back and forth a lot. If the mousepad is large you're forced to lift it all the time and start over. It's also not optimal for gaming, if you constantly have to lift the mouse. Some people like having a hard surface under their mouse. You can use your table or desk for this, but many gamers feel that solution doesn't provide enough accuracy. A glass mousepad can provide the answer, but Roccat has an alternative in the form of the Alumic. As the name suggests, it's made out of aluminium. It's not cheap with a recommended price of around £33, but on the other hand it is a unique product.

The Roccat Alumic is two mousepads in one. Each side has a different design and structure. One side is supposed to be faster, and the other one more accurate. Roccat also includes a separate wrist support, which we found a bit uncomfortable to use. The reason is that it's relatively high, with 2 centimetres. However, it will also depend on which mouse you are using, with some the wrist support will feel more comfortable than with others.

The aluminium mousepad measures 33.3 cm x 27.5 centimeters, which makes it suitable for swiping movements. It is constructed out of an aluminium core coated with a plastic surface. The rougher side looks spectacular, with a blueish silver glow surrounding the Roccat logo. The flipside has a the logo outlined in silver, for a more subtle effect. It's also the smoothest side. The difference in feel of the two sides isn't huge, but it's noticeable. We would have expected the difference to be more significant. Each corner of the pad has rubber feet which slightly raise the mousepad and firmly keeps it in place. It also prevents the side facing down from being damaged.

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Roccat Alumic