Whether you want to add a second monitor or are thinking of upgrading an old display, you’ll find some great deals right here. We have deals on Dell, Acer, Samsung and more.

Unlike some products, monitor deals tend to be quite short-lived so if you see something that suits, don't hang about.

If you hesitate, you'll probably return to find the discount has ended, or the retailer has run out of stock. But there are still bargains to be had, so read on.

A new monitor will probably have better colour accuracy, better contrast and viewing angles and typically a higher resolution than your old one, so it's a great upgrade for your PC or laptop.

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Best monitor deals right now

Best monitor discounts: what to look for

You’ll need to decide two things first: your budget and what size screen you’d like. You should measure your desk and the available space. And if you’re going for one the ultra-wide 21:9 models, be sure to check the width on the manufacturer’s website as they can take up a lot of horizontal space.

With that decided, consider what you will use the monitor for. This will determine which screen technology you should choose. For example, if the monitor for gaming you’ll want a TN or VA panel for the fastest response times. But some IPS displays can also be suitable if you don’t plan to play first person shooters where response time is so important.

IPS and VA generally have accurate colours and good contrast ratios, but IPS has the best viewing angles.

It’s possible to find budget IPS screens, and we recommend you seek these out rather than a TN-based monitor because image quality should be much better. Of course, you should also read monitor reviews as well, and never judge a screen purely on specifications.

Other factors to bear in mind include whether you need your new monitor tadro have a VESA mount for wall or multi-monitor stand mounting and whether you want it to be able to rotate to a portrait orientation as not all do. Similarly, look for height adjustment to avoid having to put the monitor on an extra stand (or pile of books) to get it to the right height.

Finally look at the ports and connections and make sure the monitor has the inputs you require. If you’re buying a 4K monitor, you’ll need a DisplayPort output on your laptop or PC as most HDMI outputs won’t be up to the task. However, if you have a recent PC or laptop it might just have the HDMI 2.0 port required.

We have more monitor buying advice if you want to continue reading.

Where to find monitor deals

Monitor deals can be short-lived, especially when the discount is large. In addition to Amazon, which offers a new Deal of the Day every day you should also look out for discounts on the following retailer websites:

Best monitor deals

1. Samsung S27F354 Full HD 27" LED Monitor

From: Currys PC World

Was: £199

Now: £119  (£80 off)

Don't be too swayed by the inclusion of Freesync (the refresh rate is only 60Hz and you need a compatible AMD graphics card) but at this price, the F354 is a good deal.

If you can take advantage of Freesync, it's a good budget choice for 1080p gaming.

2. Dell SE2219H 21.5in Full HD Monitor

From: Amazon

Was: £99.99

Now: £77.99  (22% off)

Get this sleek Dell montitor for an extremely affordable price. It's Full HD, 21.5in and has a quick 5ms response time,

3. LG 27UL850 27in IPS UHD 4K Monitor

From: Ebuyer

Was: £474.98

Now: £379.99  (£95 off)

Despite the fact it has AMD Freesync, this 27in monitor isn't really aimed at gamers. Thanks to 4K HDR support, it's best suited to those who either want to watch HDR content or create it.

It has USB-C, DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, and it's a good deal with this much money off.

4. Samsung LS34J550 Quad HD 34in Ultrawide monitor

From: Amazon

Was: £379

Now: £295  (£84.99 off)

Ultrawide monitors are great for gaming and unlike quite a few of the 'cheap' 21:9 models, this one has a 3440x1440 pixel resolution. And that makes a big difference over the 1080p versions you'll find.

It's only a 60Hz model, but that's acceptable at this price.

5. Acer Predator Z321Q

From: Amazon

Was: £649.99

Now: £599  (£50.99 off)

This huge gaming monitor from Acer is curved, has a high resolution and features HDR and a 144Hz refresh rate.

6. HP Pavilion 32in Quad HD LCD Monitor

From: Currys PC World

Was: £399

Now: £249  (£150 off)

There's £150 off this huge HP monitor with a Quad HD resolution and 5ms response time. It's got HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C.