This time of year is ideal if you're looking to pick up your next CPU as the low prices mean you can get that bit extra bang for your buck. We've got the best deals in the UK right here for CPUs, so make sure you don't miss out.

Buying a CPU can be a confusing experience as there is so much choice, so making sure you purchase one that suits your needs can be a little tricky. We’re putting together the best CPU deals of the month right here along with some buying advice, to make sure that you get the right processor at the right price.

The first step in this process is to be sure of what exactly you want to do with your computer. If you’re planning on gaming, doing heavy editing or rendering work, browsing, or a combination of all of this – you’ll want to choose a processor that’s up to the task.

How to choose the best CPU for you

Your first choice will be between AMD and Intel, and that will depend largely on the motherboard you plan on using. Your motherboard must support the chip you wish to use, so be careful to purchase a compatible motherboard or buy a CPU that fits your current board

The general rule of thumb is that Intel processors are superior for single core performance, whereas AMD processors tend to be more cost-effective while also having more cores. This is a generalisation and there are exceptions to this rule, as ever.

Activities such as gaming tend to only use up to 4 cores, so you’ll want quality over quantity to get maximum performance. However, if you’re content creating, video editing or doing rendering tasks – these programs tend to value a greater number of slower cores, over a few amounts of faster ones.

We’ve put together the best deals for each of the below processors.

1. Intel Core i7-9700k

From: Ebuyer

Was: £499.98

Now: £408.98  (£91.00 off)

The i7-9700k is the second most powerful processor for Intel's 9th generation consumer range just under the i9-9900k but much more affordable.

At this current price, this chip is a real steal and you're going to struggle to find it elsewhere for less.

2. AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

From: Overclockers

Was: £319.99

Now: £299.99  (6% off)

The Ryzen 7 2700x is AMD's answer to the 8700k. This product is substantially cheaper than Intel's offering, and also comes with an extremely competent air cooler in the box and still holds very impressive performance.

This CPU features more cores and threads at a slower clock speed than the 8700k but you'll be hard pressed to noticed a difference when gaming.

If you're putting together a workstation computer, or just focusing on gaming, the 2700x is an extremely strong choice and is much closer in performance to the 8700k than the price suggests.

3. Intel Core i5-9600k

From: Overclockers

Now: £248.99

The i5-9600k is the very top of Intel's 9th generation i5 range and so is considered the ideal CPU for gaming enthusiasts who are seeking that idea price/performance ratio.

Featuring 6 super fast cores, which is more than enough to deal with any modern title for the next few years at least, the 9600k is an excellent choice. Many people won't see the additional benefits from an i7 if they're not content creating or doing excessive multi-tasking, so if you're looking for the best processor for gaming this i5 is certainly a contender.