Choosing the right TV and broadband package is especially challenging when there are so many broadband providers to choose from. How do you know which package offers the best value?

We’ve looked bundles from across the main broadband providers in the UK to help you find the deal that’s best for your needs.

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How to choose best TV and broadband speed

You will want to start with identifying the speed demands for your household. This varies on how intensely you consume online content and the number of people sharing the Wi-Fi network. Consider how much content you stream and download, or if you or your flatmates often play video games.

You will also want to consider if different members within your household access content from different devices at the same time. Needless to say, the greater this demand the greater bandwidth you need.

Typically, download speeds of 50Mbps to 100Mbps should be sufficient for moderate to high usage. We do, however, have a dedicated guide on the fastest broadband in the UK which can help you get a sense of the best speed for you.

Below, we’ve broken down TV and broadband bundles based on network, speed and number of channels included.

Virgin TV and broadband deals

Virgin offers the fastest broadband in the UK with download speeds up to 362Mbps on its fibre broadband, though you may have to see if your area has access to fibre broadband. You can use our tool below to check.

Virgin has knocked off its activation fees which is usually £20. They offer four TV and broadband bundles to suit different budgets and broadband demands.

Player Bundle - 54Mbps, Over 70 channels - £32 per month

The Player Bundle, Virgin's entry-level package, includes 70 channels and a download speed of 54Mbps. It costs £32 per month for 12 months and increases to £51 per month thereafter. Get the Player Bundle plan from Virgin here.

Mix Bundle - 108Mbps, over 150  channels - £47 per month

The Mix TV Bundle offers over 150 channels and greater download speeds of 108Mbps. The price goes up to £58 per month after the first year.

This deal offers the major TV channels you would need and a high download speed. The Mix package should meet most expectations, unless you want to watch content in 4K quality and specialized channels like BT Sport (if so, the Full House TV package may be better for you).

There’s also the more advanced VIP bundle that includes 260 channels and a download speed of 362Mbps at a pricey £89 per month (which increases to £129 a month after a year). It's a little too pricey for our liking, but it may be worth it to you if you want HD access to premium content like Sky Sport and Cinema, and if you have an insanely high download speed demand at home (you may share your house with multiple gamers and 4K movie streamers who use different devices at the same time).

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BT TV and broadband deals

BT offers a range of TV and broadband bundles to suit different speed requirements and budgets. Contracts are for 18 months.

There are three "Starter" bundles that range from speeds of 10Mbps to 67Mbps. All Starter bundles offer up to 80 channels, which should be suitable for most viewers. If you want up to 100 channels though you can go for an "Entertainment" bundle. There are two speed options here at 50Mpbs and 67Mbps.

The Starter bundles offer all the major popular channels along with BT Sport, so opting for the more expensive Entertainment package may not be worth it – unless you really want more choice aside from what's included in the Starter packages.

Starter + Broadband package - 10Mbps, up to 80 Channels - £30.99 per month

The entry-level package offers a download speed of 10Mbps and includes up to 80 channels such as AMC, Dave, Film4 and E4. You also get a YouView box that lets you pause and rewind live TV.  BT Sport is included for free. See this deal here.

There is a £69.99 upfront cost and the monthly rate goes to £51.49 after the first 18 months.

If you want to record content you can opt for BT’s Essential package which costs £35.99 per month (£56.49 after 18 months). It is essentially the same as the 10Mbps Starter package, but with a YouView+ box instead of a the standard YouView box (which is what lets you record). The same set-up fee also applies. See this deal here.

Starter + Superfast Fibre package - 50Mbps, Up to 80 channels - £35.99 per month

If you’re after a higher download speed, you can get the Starter + Superfast Fibre at 50Mpbs, for a slightly higher monthly rate. This bundle comes with the  BT Smart Hub router.

There is a set-up fee of £69.99 and the subscription rate increases to £58.49 after 18 months. See this deal here.

Entertainment + Superfast Fibre 2 package - 67Mbps, up to 100 channels - £54.99 per month

For more channels and a higher download speed from BT you can get the Entertainment + Superfast Fibre 2 package. You can also record up to 300 hours of content with BT’s YouView+ box. There is an upfront cost of £24.99 and the rate goes up to £73.99 after 18 months.

Again, this is only really worth it if you want the channels that aren't provided in the Starter packages.

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Sky TV and broadband deals

Sky’s TV and broadband bundle contracts are for 18 months and have a £39.95 set up fee.

There are three plans to choose from, the main difference being the download speeds as opposed to access to the content. This simplifies choosing which plan works best for your speed needs.

All three plans include Sky Entertainment which gives you access to over 60 channels such as TLC, Dave, TCM, Comedy Central and more.

Choose from:

  • Broadband at 11Mbps - £33 per month, reduced from £55
  • Fibre Unlimited at 36Mbps - £40 per month, reduced from £63.99
  • Fibre Max at 63 Mbps - £45 per month, reduced from £68.99

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All plans includes a Sky Q set-top box and Sky Q hub router at no additional cost but must be returned at the end of the subscription. The Sky Q box lets you record up to 500 hours of content and three shows simultaneously while watching a fourth.

EE TV and broadband deals

EE also offers a range of TV and broadband deals. Speeds vary from 10Mbps to 300Mpbs, and subscription rates range from £31 per month to £58 per month, respectively. EE bundle contracts are also for 18 months.

There may be set-up fees depending on which speed you go for. The lower speeds often see £10 fees, while higher speeds see £50 fees. 

See EE's broadband speeds and set up fees.

All plans include EE TV, which consists of 70 free channels and On Demand TV content that’s accessible via mobile too. In fact EE TV turns your smartphone into a remote. You can also record up to 600 hours of TV and 300 hours of HD TV. Read more about EE TV here.

10Mbps to 67Mbps - For moderate to high usage

  • Unlimited Broadband at 10Mbps - £31 per month, £10 set-up fee
  • Unlimited Fibre broadband at 36Mbps - £34 per month, £10 set-up fee
  • Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus at 67Mbps - £38 per month, free set-up

See details about these TV and broadband bundles from EE here.

145Mbps to 300Mbps - For high usage

The high usage plans also get you an additional 20GB data every month if you have an EE phone. These plans are better suited to heavy usage households that may stream in 4K from multiple devices at the same time, while perhaps also gaming.

  • Unlimited Fibre Max 1 Broadband at 145Mbps - £50 per month, £50 set-up fee
  • Unlimited Fibre Max 2 Broadband at 300Mpbs  - £58 per month, £50 set-up fee

See details about these TV and broadband bundles from EE here.

Talk Talk TV and broadband deals

11Mbps, 80 Freeview channels -  £25.95 per month (reduced from £34 per month)

Talk Talk’s TV and broadband bundles are on the lower side when it comes to speed, at 11Mbps, but includes over 80 Freeview channels, 15 HD channels and pause, rewind and record features. You also get On Demand channels. It’s hard to beat the price, making it an excellent deal for light to moderate internet users.

There is an additional cost of £25 for the TV box to be mindful of though.

This bundle costs £25.95 per month, reduced from £34. Though if you don’t care much for recording TV content, you can get the same plan for £1 less, at £24.95 instead.

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