The launch of the Google Nexus 6 smartphone has been somewhat problematic so here's where to buy the Nexus 6 in the UK. Updated on 11/12/14. See also: Best smartphones 2014 and our full Nexus 6 review.

Google has been strangely quiet about the Nexus 6 launch following the smooth relase of the  Nexus 9 tablet. The firm has only said the new flagship Android 5.0 Lollipop smartphone would go up for pre-order and sale in November. This is something which did not happen.

Retailers were almost unanimously expecting to put it on sale on 1 December, including big name high street name Carphone Warehouse. However, this didn't happen either with the release date getting pushed back all over the shop.

Although the launch woes continue, with a seemly short supply of stock, the Nexus 6 is now available in the UK and here is where you can buy it – plus the status elsewhere. See also: Nexus 5 vs Nexus 6 comparison: why Google's latest smartphone isn't necessarily a natural upgrade.

Where to buy the Nexus 6: O2

Mobile operator O2 was the first to finally make the Nexus 6 available on 4 December. The network is selling the Android Lollipop handset on its O2 Refresh tariff or on pay as you go for £479. It only has the 32 GB midnight blue model available at the time of writing and states a delivery wait of a week with more stock coming soon.

Where to buy the Nexus 6: Carphone Warehouse

Although Carphone Warhouse didn't manage to put the Nexus 6 on sale come 1 December, it does now have the phone available and has the exclusive on the white model.

You can get it from £33 per month on contract or £499 SIM-free. However, the only in stock model is 32 GB midnight blue with the other all in pre-order status at the time of writing. The white 32 GB is expected this week while the 64 GB is expected by week commencing 22 December.

Where to buy the Nexus 6: GiffGaff

Virtual mobile network, GiffGaff (which uses the O2 network), is one place you can get the Nexus 6. The firm has it on monthly finance or you can buy it today for £499. Like others, it's the 32 GB blue model which is in stock.

Where to buy the Nexus 6: Tesco Mobile

Another virtual network which appears to have the Nexus 6 is Tesco Mobile which will deliver it for free in 3-5 working days. The firm has it from £35 per month which includes the phone and a 2 GB per month tariff.

Where to buy Nexus 6 in the UK

Where to buy the Nexus 6: Google Play store

The one place you might expect to be able to buy all models of the Nexus 6 is Google's own Play store where is sells a range of Android-powered devices. Unfortunately, the only one available (as of 11/12) is the 32 GB blue model with others all 'out of inventory' and 64 GB editions 'coming soon'. Even though the blue model is available, Google states it 'leaves warehouse in 3 - 4 weeks.'

Where to buy the Nexus 6: Amazon and Argos

Despite a message on the Google Play store stating that the Nexus 6 will be available from retailers including Amazon and Argos, neither has the smartphone listed at the time of writing.

Where to buy the Nexus 6: Others

There some other retailers which have the Nexus 6 but things don't look great across the board. MobileFun is expecting the 32 GB midnight blue model in the month and Expansys doesn't even list a due date.

Meanwhile, Clove has pre-sold its first batch of stock which is due on 22 December and pre-orders are being taken for a second batch which is expected 'late December'. Once again, it's only the 32 GB midnight blue model. is currently listing the 32 GB white and 64 GB blue models with an expected delivery of 15 December.

These details may change soon and if you spot the Nexus 6 for sale anywhere let us know in the comments section below. Good luck if you're trying to get hold of one in time for Christmas.