When a reader wanted a recommendation for a Windows phone, our HELPROOM EXPERT was happy to help.

QUESTION My Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smartphone is on its last legs. I regularly use its slide-out keyboard, while I find Microsoft's mobile apps helpful for synching emails, contacts and calendar appointments with my laptop. I want to upgrade to something similar, and I believe the HTC 7 Pro and Nokia E7 are the only phones available that run Windows Phone 7. But which is best?

Also, I heard that Microsoft was planning to add the ability to cut and paste copy, and to directly sync emails and other files with a laptop to Windows Phone 7. Do you know when these update will be available?

Finally, can I sync my Lotus Notes business calendar with my personal Outlook calendar? Malcolm Lane

HELPROOM ANSWER Nokia's E7 runs the Symbian rather than Windows Phone 7 operating system. If you insist on using Microsoft's mobile platform, the HTC 7 Pro is the correct choice out of the two phones you mention.

However, a new generation of Windows Phone 7 'Mango' phones is launching now, and the Nokia Lumia 800 or the Nokia Lumia 710 in particular may be the phones you are looking for. Click here for more Windows phone reviews.

You'll be pleased to hear that cut and paste is now supported by Windows Phone 7, but direct synching between Windows Phone and Windows 7 is not currently possible. You might instead like to sync files via the web: if you have a Windows Live account you can upload files to SkyDrive, then access them from a web browser on any machine that's connected to the internet.

Emails are synched to the phone in the same way: via the web. They are accessible on your PC or laptop using a web browser.

There are no plans for a version of Lotus Notes Traveller for Windows Phone 7.

Most current methods of synching Lotus Notes with Outlook involve importing your data into Google and then back out again. Have a look at CompanionLink Express for accessing Lotus Notes email from Windows Phone 7.

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