'Poppy Day' or 'Remembrance Day' is significant in the UK for remembering those who have fallen in the line of duty, but elsewhere in the world 11 November also has significance for being 'Singles Day'.

Originating in China in 1993, Singles Day is now celebrated around the globe, and especially online. If you've never heard of it, consider that the number 1 represents an individual, or a single person. The number 11 could then be said to represent two singles coming together, and 11.11 two separate pairs of singles coming together. Thus 11 November is all about giving single people the opportunity to meet other singles.

How that translates to some great tech deals being available for Singles Day we're not entirely sure, but hey, we won't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Do keep in mind that most of the following deals are available at Chinese retailers. If you're intending to import consumer tech to the UK from China remember to factor into your budget import duty (payable at 20% of the value on the shipping paperwork), and note that getting a refund should something go wrong will be more difficult than if you bought said tech within Europe. (Read more Chinese tech buying advice here.)

Prices are also usually displayed in US$, though you can convert to Sterling on the product pages.

Best Singles Day Tech Deals at GearBest

GearBest is not the only Chinese tech importer, but it is the one we work with most frequently at Tech Advisor, and hence have built up a good level of trust with the site. It's running several promotions for Singles Day, and the deals have already begun.

GearBest will also be holding flash sales this weekend, and offering 'Epic Discounts' on 13 and 14 November. The GearBest Black Friday sale then kicks off on 15 November.

There are loads more offers here, but we've pulled out some of the most interesting promotions below.

Don't miss the Xiaomi Electric Scooter at £293.41, Mi Mix 3 at £475.80, Redmi Note 5 at £126.88, Mi Max 3 at £198.25 and OnePlus 6 at £333.06.

Deposit Expansion

Deposit Expansion is a pre-order deal that lets you make your money stretch further (at least three times further, promises GearBest). Outlined in the video above, in essence it allows you to put down some money toward a product ahead of the sale to confirm your interest. That deposit then becomes worth more when the sale begins.

As an example, a £7.93 deposit on this Honor MagicBook laptop will be worth £234.73 when the sale begins, taking the final price down to £475.80. 

Click here for all deals on which you can pay a deposit.

Coupon Rain

This is a special promotion that allows you to grab coupon codes for money off the products you want to buy. The promotion runs several times a day between 5 November and 14 November, with the coupons then valid between 10 November and 14 November. Within a 10-minute window you have 10 seconds to grab all the coupons you need.

Coupon Rain runs at the following times daily: 08:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 22:00. Those times are in China, where they are eight hours ahead - in the UK you want to check in at 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 14:00 GMT. We're guessing you'll be in bed for a couple of those, but you could arguably make the 8am or 2pm slots.

Click here to play Coupon Rain.

Save $111 when you spend $111.11

The site is also offering $50 off when you spend more than $99, and $100 off when you spend more than $199. There's also a voucher code for 10% off orders over $10.

Click here to grab your coupon, with more being released all the time.

Best Singles Day Deals at Geekbuying

Geekbuying is offering similar deals for Singles Day, and though its daily check-in competition in which you can win a coupon worth $1111 is now coming to an end the site is offering more than 3,000 items on sale between 5 and 9 November, and then offer a '48-hour shopping spree' between 10 and 11 November.

Money off coupons

Share the offer on social media and you can get money off vouchers for when you spend over a certain amount. Most work out at around 10% off - click here to grab your voucher code.

Up to 70% off tech

Until 11 November Geekbuying is offering three products at 70% off. You can buy the Mi Pad 4 at $169.99, GameSir VX Keyboard & Mouse Kit at $79.99 and the new Mi Mix 3 at $689.99. As before you'll need to share the offer to get your discount code - click here for more details.

You'll find more Singles Day Deals over at TomTop, Coolicool, AliExpress, GearVita and others.

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