Samsung makes some of the best-selling smartphones in the world and its most recent offerings suggest the company's success isn't going to falter anytime soon.

If you're tempted by the Korean company's handsets more so than the competition, here you'll find a rundown of some of the best deals on the company's latest phones right now, including a mix of both SIM-free and contract deals.

Best Samsung Galaxy Deals

Samsung Galaxy phone buying advice

While to some the structure of Samsung's smartphone portfolio might seem obvious, if you're a long-standing iPhone user or you're not a tech fanatic, like we are here, there's every chance that understanding the difference between the S10e and the A20e isn't immediately clear.

If that's the case, read on to understand the makeup of Samsung's lineup and to help you decide which device is will make the best fit.

Samsung Galaxy S series

Arguably Samsung's most well-known smartphone line, the Galaxy S series has served as the company's flagship brand since 2010. This year we were introduced to the biggest lineup of Galaxy S phones to date, in the S10e at one end and the S10 5G at the other.

Four phones in all, with each offering a larger body, screen and battery than the one before, as well as additional features. Whichever one you pick, the Galaxy S10 lineup offers a flagship-class experience, no matter what and as such, without the great deals we've included here, you can expect to pay upwards of £650.

Samsung Galaxy Note series

Galaxy Note devices usually launch in the latter half of each year and bring with them refined experiences and features that were likely introduced on the company's Galaxy S devices from earlier in the year, as well as larger screens, more power and the inclusion of the company's S Pen stylus.

2019 signalled a change for the Galaxy Note family, with a range of models that differed in more than just the amount of storage they offered.

The standard Note 10 is slightly smaller and possesses a slightly weaker feature-set compared to the bigger Galaxy Note 10+, while, as the name implies, the Note 10+ 5G, simply adds superfast mobile connectivity to the already-snappy formula that makes up the Note 10+.

Samsung Galaxy A series

Following closely behind Samsung's flagship-class 'S' devices is the A-series. As you might be able to guess from the lettering, these are still capable phones, falling under what most could consider 'mid-range' with premium touches and features.

Unlike the S-series, the numbering helps quickly distinguish between the pricer, more capable devices and the simpler, but more affordable entries. At the top of the pile in 2019 is the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G (RRP £669), while at the other end is the humble Galaxy A10 (RRP £139).

Note: In previous years Samsung's A-series dealt in single digits, rather than tens, so if you come across the likes of a Galaxy A9 or A5, for example, just know it's one of Samsung's older mid-range devices.

Samsung Galaxy J & M series'

If affordability is at the top of your list, then it's Samsung's Galaxy J and M lineups that you'll want to consider. The likelihood of encountering these device families varies by market. For instance, the J-series hasn't been updated for 2019 in the UK and the M-series doesn't feature at all.

If you want more info on Samsung's best and brightest, check out our rundown of the Best Samsung Galaxy Phones 2019.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G (256GB) + unlimited data on Vodafone


Was: £73 per month + £29 upfront

Now: £61 per month + £0 upfront  (£317 off)

If you want Samsung's latest and greatest phone on the fastest mobile network experience available, look no further than this stonkingly-good AO early Black Friday deal.

Not only does this 24-month plan include unlimited 5G data, calls and texts, along with your choice of an entertainment add-on for the length of the contract but with reduced monthly costs and a lower upfront cost, you collectively save over £300 on this Galaxy Note 10+ 5G plan with Vodafone.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (256GB) + 160GB data on O2


Was: £63 per month

Now: £43 per month  (£480 off)

This Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plan, courtesy of, comes complete with more than double the data, granting you 160GB of 4G browsing a month (instead of 60GB), plus unlimited calls, texts and a suite of O2 benefits.

Thanks to Mobile Phones Direct's offer of £480 cashback as part of this Black Friday special, the monthly costs over the course of this 24-month plan are reduced from £63 a month down to just £43 a month, with no upfront cost.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (256GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £869

Now: £794  (£75 off)

The smaller of Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 10 devices, the standard model, still comes with the distinctive S-Pen and, courtesy of Amazon, £75 taken from the original asking price.

4. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £899

Now: £739.99  (£159.01 off)

Get over £150 off the powerful Samsung Galaxy S10+ in Prism White, complete with 128GB of internal storage.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £799

Now: £598.97  (£200.03 off)

Save over £200 on this shiny new 128GB Galaxy S10 in Prism Black (or save a hair less if you want it in either Prism White or Prism Green).

6. Samsung Galaxy S10e (128GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £669.99

Now: £509.99  (£160 off)

The baby of Samsung's 2019 flagships is still a killer phone in its own right and this Amazon offer knocks £160 from the original RRP. The best savings are to be had with Prism Black model but discounts are available across all of the phone's colourways.

7. Samsung Galaxy A70 (128GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £369

Now: £306.98  (£62.02 off)

Samsung's capable Galaxy A70 features an edge-to-edge Super AMOLED 'Infinity-U' display, a huge 4500mAh battery and 25W fast charging, all for only £307 (in blue - discount varies by colour).

8. Samsung Galaxy A50 (128GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £309

Now: £244.99  (£64.01 off)

Knock over £60 off this excellent 128GB Samsung Galaxy A50 in black, courtesy of Amazon. You'll also find discounts on the phone's other colourways, but not by quite so much.

9. Samsung Galaxy A40 (64GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £219

Now: £179.90  (£39.10 off)

The already-affordable Samsung Galaxy A40 is available on Amazon with an even further discount of almost £40 (in Coral - discount varies by colour).

10. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (128GB)

From: Currys PC World

Was: £869

Now: £649.99  (£219.01 off)

The bigger of Samsung's 2018 Galaxy S9 flagship phones packs a dual rear camera, a large 6.2-inch display and, in this instance, 128GB of internal storage. Available from Currys PC World with over £200 knocked off the original asking price.

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