The Galaxy S9 is the latest flagship from Samsung, unveiled in February before its release in March, alongside a bigger S9 Plus. Here, we bring you all of the pricing and information you need, including S9 SIM-free options and S9 contracts.

You can find out everything you need to know about the two phones, including details on their new and improved camera features and a look at the new AR Emoji in our news round-up here or our Galaxy S9 review here.

If you've already done your research and are convinced that the S9 is the phone for you, read on for details on how and where to buy it.

Samsung Galaxy S9 SIM-free deals

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 SIM-free from a huge number of retailers and networks, as we outline below.

Its RRP is £739/US$719.99, but it's worth keeping in mind that, unlike iPhones, the price of Samsung phones often fall in the months following its launch. If you can wait, months you may well get a better deal, but if you're keen to get your hands on the S9 as soon as possible continue reading for the best prices today.

Click the links below to find the Samsung Galaxy S9 SIM-free. The SIM-free price is the same across the board at the moment, at £739, so it'll really be up to you which retailer you choose to buy from. The main differences come in when we start to look at contract deals, which you'll find later in this article.

However, at time of writing, Carphone Warehouse has an incredible offer on the Samsung Galaxy S9 SIM-free. You can get it for as little as £499 if you choose a SIM-only plan at the same time.

For example, you can get 40GB data and unlimited texts and minutes from Vodafone for £30 per month to qualify for the £499 price of the SIM-free S9. Plus, you get a pair of AKG Y50 headphones thrown with that bundle. See deal at Carphone Warehouse here.

Plus, Carphone Warehouse is selling the exclusive Titanium Grey colour option, so it's the only place you'll find it.

Fonehouse is also offering a lower price on the S9, at £699 here.

If you don't want a SIM-only deal, you'll find the S9 for £739 from the following:

Samsung Galaxy S9 contract deals

Top S9 deals

We've picked out our favourite deals available in the UK, after scouring the entire web. You can find more deals from each network and retailer throughout the rest of the article, but these are the cream of the crop.

You can also use our contract price comparison tool below to help you find the best S9 contract for you. Choose the model you're after, how many minutes, texts and data you're looking for, and the sort of up front and monthly payments you're willing to pay. You'll then be presented with a selection of the best contracts to suit your needs.

If you're on mobile and can't see the comparison widget below, click here for a version of this page optimised for your device.

Carphone Warehouse S9 deals

Carphone Warehouse has some particularly good deals available if you're intending to trade in an older phone. You can get up to an extra £50 on top of your trade-in value, making the up front cost on some of these deals significantly lower.

EE S9 deals

EE offers low upfront costs and big data for the S9. We found one deal that might be worthwhile, but the others are a little pricier than those offered by the likes of Carphone Warehouse and and others, so we wouldn't recommend them.

Giffgaff S9 deals

Giffgaff's deals are a little different from others listed here. You can choose whether to buy the S9 outright or pay for it monthly, but either way you'll want to choose a goodybag for your minutes, texts and data.

The £15 goodybag is a good one, offering unlimited texts and minutes with 6GB data. Sign up here.

Mobile Phones Direct S9 deals

Mobiles Phones Direct is another great place to look for low-cost deals, as it often has some of the best on the market. Our pick of the best right now is this one, but it's not quite as good as Carphone Warehouse's:

O2 S9 deals

O2 is offering the S9 through its O2 Refresh plans. They're 24 months long and include a Device Plan and Airtime Plan separately to make upgrading or keeping the phone beyond the contract length easier to manage.

We've picked out just one deal from O2 as it's a good one for lots of data and the reassurance of a screen replacement. Others are available but they're quite pricey for what you get so we'd recommend looking elsewhere.

  • 50GB, unlimited texts and minutes, £39.99 upfront, £68 per month, free screen replacement and upgrade after 12 months. Available at O2 here.

Sky Mobile S9 deals

Sky Mobile's deals are a little different from many of those in this article. Its Swap24 and Swap12 plans make payments cheaper, but at the end of your contract you can either send back your handset in return for a newer model, or choose to keep the phone at a lower monthly rate.

Sky's deals could be an option if you're a Sky TV customer, too.

Three S9 deals

Three's S9 deals don't always work out the cheapest, but there are some additional benefits and there are some huge data plans.

Virgin Mobile S9 deals

Virgin Mobile offers something unusual that might appeal if you plan on keeping your new phone for longer. Its 36 month deals keep monthly costs down and if you're a Virgin broadband and TV customer you may find there are other perks available.

Vodafone S9 deals

Vodafone's deals offer low upfront costs, and some offer perks such as Spotify, Sky Sports or Now TV.

  • 32GB, unlimited minutes and texts, £49 upfront, £59 per month. 24 month subscription to Spotify, Sky Sports or Now TV included. Available from Vodafone here.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ SIM-free deals

The SIM-free price of the S9+ is a little more pricey, at £869/US$839.99. For now, all of the places listed below are offering the S9+ for the same price, but as mentioned previously, Samsung phones tend to go down in price after a few months with various retailers promoting special deals.

One such deal is Carphone Warehouse's current offer of up to £240 off when you buy the S9+ with a SIM-only contract. It's one of the best deals we've seen so far, and you can take advantage of it here.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ contract deals

We've picked out the very best S9+ deals from around the web here, and you can read on for a customisable comparison tool and more deals from retailers and networks.

Top S9+ deals

As above with our S9 comparison tool, you can use the tool below to find the best prices and contracts to suit your needs for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Beneath the comparison tool we also have a hand-selected assortment of our favourite deals so far, which we are adding to as more emerge.

Carphone Warehouse S9+ deals

If you're not buying your S9+ SIM-free to take advantage of the £240 off deal mentioned above, these deals are great alternatives from Carphone Warehouse.

EE S9+ deals

EE has a good deal for low upfront cost and big data, but the monthly cost is huge and other deals available are more expensive than those offered by the likes of Carphone Warehouse and

Giffgaff S9+ deals

Giffgaff offers the option to pay for the S9+ outright, or monthly. You'll need to add a goodybag to that to get your data, texts and minutes.

The £15 goodybag will get you 6GB data and unlimited texts and minutes. Sign up here.

O2 S9+ deals

O2's deals can be quite pricey, but there are some big data offerings that might be worth considering. Particularly because they're on O2 Refresh and you'll be able to upgrade after 12 months if you choose. You'll get a free screen replacement should you break your new phone too.

  • 50GB, unlimited minutes and texts, £49.99 upfront, £73 per month, free screen replacement. Available from O2 here.

Sky Mobile S9+ deals

Sky Mobile's deals are unusual. Its Swap24 and Swap12 plans can reduce costs and allow you to upgrade more regularly in the case of Swap12 which lasts just 12 months, but rather than keeping the phone at the end of your contract you choose to either send it back in return for a newer model, or keep your phone at a lower monthly cost. Sky TV customers can get discounts on these contracts, too.

Three S9+ deals

Three's deals aren't the cheapest available, but if you watch a lot of Netflix they could be well suited to you. You'll get 12 months of Netflix for free, and Three's Go Binge perk means watching Netflix without WiFi won't eat into your data allowance.

Virgin Mobile S9+ deals

Virgin offers some reasonable monthly prices and no upfront cost, but the catch is you're tied in for 36 months. There are 24 month deals available at higher prices, but they're not as competitive.

Vodafone S9+ deals

Vodafone's deals for the S9+ are pretty pricey, but you will get Vodafone Global roaming and some plans include 24 month subscriptions to streaming services.