The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the latest Note flagship from the Korean phone giant, and for the first time it's actually shrunk down a little bit, with the addition of a Note 10+ model there to be the absolute biggest (and arguably best) on the market. Then there's the 5G model too, if you're ready for the upgrade to faster downloads.

But where can you buy the new Note 10 models and how much do they cost? We bring you everything you need to know about the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deals - though remember that the S20 range is now out too, so you may prefer one of those later phones unless you're a fan of the Note's stylus support.

If you've yet to decide whether the Note 10 is the right phone for you, or which of the three models to choose, you'll like our Note 10 review, Note 10+ review and our Note 10 vs Note 10+ comparison

All three models are available to buy now and they're available in Aura Glow and Aura Black colour options. See the best cases for the Note 10 and Note 10+ too - if you're spending that much on the phone then you'll probably want to keep it safe.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 price

The Note 10 starts at the same price as its predecessor at launch. Here's the breakdown of prices:

  • Note 10 256GB - £869
  • Note 10+ 256GB - £999
  • Note 10+ 5G 256GB - £1,099
  • Note 10+ 5G 512GB - £1,199

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 SIM-free in the UK

Samsung is currently offering £100 cashback on every Note 10 model, so you could effectively get a 256GB Note 10 for just £769, while the Note 10+ 5G is just £999. The cashback offer also applies through other retailers, so you should be able to get it through most other stores on the list below.

Despite that offer, you're probably still better off going to Amazon. You can buy the regular Note 10 for a mere £735 and the Note 10+ for £849, though the Note10+ 5G is still full price.

Otherwise, you'll find models available from the following: 

Remember to look for a SIM-only deal if you plan to buy SIM-free.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 contracts

Below you'll find all of the best contract deals for the Galaxy Note 10 range, chosen by algorithms that scan thousands of offers from networks and online stores to find the deals with the most minutes and data for the lowest up-front and monthly cost.

Sky Mobile has a great deal on the Note 10+ 5G: just £40 per month over two years (with £12 upfront) for the phone itself, which means you could get it with 10GB data for just £50 per month. And you can still claim the £100 cashback too.

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Samsung Note 10 deals

Samsung Note 10+ deals

Samsung Note 10+ 5G deals

You'll find more deals available from:

Affordable Mobiles
Carphone Warehouse
Mobile Phones Direct
Sky Mobile
Tesco Mobile
Virgin Mobile