Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event

The Galaxy S4 has been officially announced, and will be available in the UK for April 27. Here are the latest details on network availability and UK price for the Galaxy S4 now that pre-orders are being taken. We'll be updating this story as more info comes in.  Updated on 17/04/13. See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 review.

The SIM-free price for the Galaxy S4 is £629 inc VAT from Carphone Warehouse, and £579 from Clove. Delivery of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected from all suppliers on launch day: April 27th.

Carphone Warehouse will be selling the Galaxy S4 from April 26. You can now preorder here:

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 for an eye-watering £629 SIM free from Carphone. Two-year contracts start from £41 per month for a free handset. Or you can pay £39 once, and then make monthly payments of £38.

EE is selling handsets on a range of 4G contracts, from a one off payment of £19.99 and a £56 a month two-year contract, up to a single payment of £269 and 24 payments of £31. 12-month contracts range from a one-off payment of £109 and payments of £61 a month, up to £299 and 12 payments of £41.

You can pre-order on EE's site here:

(Orange and T-Mobile are pointing potential Galaxy S4 buyers to the EE website. Which makes sense.)

O2 is selling the Galaxy S4 here:

You can get the Samsung galaxy S4 on O2 on a range of 24 mmonth tariffs starting with a free phone and £52 a month payments, and ranging up to a single payment of £179 and 24 payments of £32.

Phones4U is offering the Galaxy S4 via most of the other operators. You can pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S4 via Phones4U here:

Three is offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 on only two plans. Both are 24-month contracts. For £35 a month you get 'unlimited data', 500 minutes and 5,000 texts, and a free phone. And for £37 a month you get the same data and texts, but 2,000 minutes and 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes.

You can pre-order the Galaxy S4 from Three here:

Vodafone is selling the Galaxy S4 here:

The company is offering three 24-month tariffs, ranging from monthly payments of £47 and a free phone, up to £37 a month and a £69 one-off fee. One-year contracts start at £47 a month and a £99 one-off charge. There's also £57 a month/£29, all the way up to £39/£179.

Samsung Galaxy S4 price in UK: SIM free

Samsung Galaxy S4 The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is successor to the ultra successful Samsung Galaxy S3, and a sure-fire bet to be one of the biggest selling Android phones ever.  See also Samsung Galaxy S4 new features.

Carphone Warehouse is selling the Galaxy S4 for £629 inc VAT SIM free. Unlocked Mobiles has announced its SIM-free price for the Galaxy S4 is £529.98 and will start shipping orders on 26 April. Clove is selling the Galaxy S4 for £579 inc VAT.

This is more expensive that we expected. Because Samsung has ambitious plans- Money Today claims that Samsung wants to shift a total of 500 million mobile phones this year with 300 million set to be smartphones. It said the company aims to shift 10 million Samsung Galaxy s4s a month after its launch - we assumed the S4 would be priced to shift.

Our hunch was hat the Galaxy S4 would cost around £499 inc VAT in the UK. That's principally because £499 SIM free is exactly how much the Galaxy S3 cost when it launched 10 months ago. And although the S4 is bound to include significantly improved specs and features keeping the price in the same area and dropping the S3's price will create the kind of ripples that will tip any wavering iPhone 5 purchasers into the arms of Samsung and Android.

Compare that suggested price with the current crop of high-end smartphones: the Sony Xperia Z costs £520, the iPhone 5 starts at £529, and the new HTC One is expected to cost around £519. The BlackBerry Z10 can be found online for anything from £499 to £550, and the Lumia 920 will set you back somewhere in the same region. We expected the Galaxy S4 to be in the same region as its peers, when in fact it is a premium device with a premium price.

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