Samsung's latest flagship phones are available from most retailers, but where can you get the best prices SIM-free and on contract in the UK? We bring you everything you need to know about the best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals.

The three phones are the Galaxy S10, a bigger Galaxy S10 Plus and a new addition to the range: the Galaxy S10e. This phone is essentially a 'Lite' version that's more affordable and comes in several colours making the new line-up look a lot like Apple’s trio of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

There's also the Galaxy S10 5G, which started shipping 7 June. It offers a larger 6.7in screen and a higher capacity battery at 4,500mAh. Plus on 5G, it's expected to be 20 times faster compared to 4G networks with a lower latency.

The S10 5G plans are available exclusively via EE and Vodafone which went live with its 5G networks on 3 July, 2019. Vodafone will offer 5G service in select cities, so see if yours qualifies. Also see our full round up of the best 5G phone deals.

Vodafone just announced a bundle deal that gets you a free pair of Galaxy Buds earphones with any purchase of Galaxy S10 5G or S10 Plus phones (ends 12 August). See our full coverage for more details and best deals.

In the UK, Samsung has just added Cardinal Red as a new colour option to the S10, S10 Plus and S10e (all 128GB models only) which you can pick up via EE. The red variant isn't available on the 5G version or the S10 Plus 512GB (which currently has a £200 discount). Samsung Switzerland is now also selling unlocked options in Cardinal Red. 

With S10 devices, you'll find edge-to-edge displays, extremely powerful components, improved camera tech and lots of storage. You can find out more about the new phones in our Samsung Galaxy S10 news round-up and in our S10 review or S10 Plus review.

Samsung Galaxy S10 price

But how much does the S10 and its siblings cost?

Samsung has £200 off the S10 512GB model and £300 off the S10 Plus Ceramic 1TB. All Samsung deals (except on 5G models) now also include a free Marvel phone case worth £35, bringing the full discount on the S10 and S10 Plus to £235. See these deals over at Samsung now.

Amazon is competing with a steeper discount on the S10 (considering the device only). Read our full coverage on this promotion.

  • Galaxy S10, 128GB - £799
  • Galaxy S10, 512GB - £999 - deal price at £799 plus free Marvel phone case worth £35directly from Samsung
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 128GB - £899
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 512GB - £1,099
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 1TB and 12GB RAM (up from the 8GB standard) - £1,399 (in Ceramic or Ceramic black) - deal price at £1,099 plus free Marvel phone case worth £35 - directly from Samsung
  • Galaxy S10e, 128GB - £669
  • Galaxy S10 5G, 256GB - £1,099

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 began shipping on 8 March, meaning it is now widely available to buy in stores. 

If you’re looking for the Galaxy S10 SIM-free, you'll find it available from the following or compare prices from all retailers using our price comparison tool below.:

Galaxy S10 SIM-free deals

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Galaxy S10 Plus SIM-free deals

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Galaxy S10e SIM-free deals

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Don't forget to check out the best SIM-only deals if you plan to buy the S10 SIM-free.

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals

Below, we've highlighted the best contract deals for the Galaxy S10 range. As prices change and new deals emerge, we’ll continue to pick out our favourites and highlight them here.

We also have a contract price comparison tool that's automatically updated. It’ll help you find the best S10 contract for you.

Choose the model you’re after, how many minutes, texts and data you’re looking for, and the sort of up front and monthly payments you’re willing to pay. You’ll then be presented with a selection of the best contracts to suit your needs.

If you’re on mobile and can’t see the comparison widget below, click here for a version of this page optimised for your device.

Best S10 contracts

S10 contract comparison tool

Best S10 Plus contracts

  • EE, 60GB data, unlimited texts and calls, £29.99 upfront, £49.99 per month. Includes six free months of Apple Music, Amazon Prime Video or MTV Play, or three months of BT Sports. View deal at Carphone Warehouse.

S10 Plus contract comparison tool

Best S10e contracts

  • Vodafone, unlimited data, unlimited texts and calls, no upfront cost, £30 per month. View deal at Mobile Phones Direct. It's an incredible price for no data restrictions, plus you get Global Roaming.

S10e contract comparison tool

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Vodafone 5G plans rolled out 3 July. Right now, and until 12 August, you can claim a free pair of Galaxy Buds when you pick up an S10 5G on a Vodafone contract. Plans start at £72 per month and £29 upfront, which gets you unlimited data at 2Mbps. You can see all its plans on its site. 

  • Vodafone (Red with Entertainment), 20GB data, £29 upfront, £75 per month. Includes Prime Video, Spotify, Now TV or Sky Sports TV free for 2 years. View deal at Vodafone.
  • Vodafone, unlimited data, unlimited texts and calls, £79.99 upfront, £67 per month. View deal at Carphone Warehouse.

EE offers the S10 5G as well, with plans starting at £69 per month and £150 upfront for 10GB of data. View this deal over at EE now.

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