The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were announced early in 2017, and quickly became our favourite phones of the year. We've now seen the new S9 series, which you can read more about here, so with a new phone in town you can pick up the still-brilliant S8 models at lower prices – and lower still this Christmas.

If you're wondering whether to go for the newer model, visit our Galaxy S9 vs S8 comparison here.

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 SIM-free

You can buy the Galaxy S8 SIM-free from plenty of retailers, and if you can afford to do it, it can work out much cheaper in the long run. Don't forget to make sure you find a good SIM-only deal to compliment your SIM-free phone, too. You'll find our pick of the best here: Best SIM only deals.

Best Samsung Galaxy Deals

We've rounded up some of the best Samsung Galaxy deals below, including stellar deals on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with Unlimited Data

From: Three Mobile

Now: £9.99 upfront, £39 per month

Three's unlimited plans are often priced competitively but have high upfront costs. For a tenner upfront and less than £40 per month, this offer gets you the S8 Plus with unlimited data, text, and minutes.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Tab A 10.1

From: Virgin

Now: From £25  (£216 off)

Save up to £216 on this bundle deal that comes with a free 10in Galaxy Tab A

3. Samsung Galaxy S8 SIM-free with 64GB Memory Card

From: Amazon

Was: £623.99

Now: £389.95  (£234 off)

See all Amazon discounts on Samsung Galaxy phones here.

4. Samsung Galaxy S9 SIM-free

From: Amazon

Was: £739

Now: £454  (39% off)

Get a huge amount off the S9 right now. It might be one generation old but it's still a top phone. Read our review.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SIM-free, 128GB Storage - Midnight Black

From: Amazon

Was: £899

Now: £692  (£207 off)

Get up to 25% off Samsung phones – see all deals here.

6. Samsung Galaxy S9 with 30GB data

From: EE

Now: £29.75 per month  (includes £150 cashback)

£150 cashback included in this deal brings the line rental down from £36 per month to £29.75.

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 on contract

A contract can be a little more manageable than buying the phone outright, as it will mean you can pay off the phone over 24 months. It will normally add up to significantly more in the long run, but for many it's a good option.

Our favourite Galaxy S8 contract

  • Vodafone, 4GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, £35 upfront, £23 per month. Available at here.
  • Virgin, 10 GB data (doubled from 5GB) for £29 per month, includes a free 10in Galaxy Tab A tablet. With this bundle, you can also opt for a fully unlimited plan from Virgin for £44 per month and no upfront cost. Available at Virgin here.

There are of course a few places you could shop for contract deals, most of which are participating in Black Friday sales: 

On O2 you can customize your plan by choosing your upfront cost, number of months and the monthly data allowance. You can get 6 months of Netflix when you choose the 25GB data plan at £41.34 per month with a £20 upfront fee for 36 months. See this deal here.

Use our price comparison tool below to find the best S8 deals. Choose how much you'd like to pay upfront, how much you'd like to spend each month and how much data, minutes and texts you need to find a deal that's tailored to you. If you can't see the comparison tool, click here to refresh the page for a version optimised to your device.

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 Plus SIM-free

The cheapest we've found the S8 Plus SIM-free is from Amazon. At time of writing it's only £417, which saves you £361, but the price from Amazon changes on a regular basis. We'd recommend checking there first.

Alternatively, these are a few other places you could pick up the S8 Plus, though the prices are higher than Amazon's:

For US readers we'd recommend trying, Best Buy and New Egg for the best prices.

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 Plus on contract

As with the S8, we've picked out our favourite Galaxy S8 Plus contract here, and you'll find a price comparison tool below.

Top Galaxy S8 Plus contract

You can use the sliders in the comparison tool below to choose how much you want to pay per month, how much data you need and more. If you are unable to see the comparison tool, click here for a version optimised for your device.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Deals

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