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The Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus phones are officially out now. The S20 range touts features like 100x zoom, a 120Hz refresh rate, 8K video recording and 5G support – we were duly impressed. In terms of displays, you get a gorgeous 6.2in panel on the S20 and 6.7in in the S20 Plus.

Both screens feature Infinity-O, Dynamic AMOLED displays. Of course, none of these qualities will be of use if the screen gets scratched or, worse, smashed. The following cases should keep that fate at bay, however.

We haven't tried all these cases out first hand, but we've consistently seen excellent products from these brands. Stay tuned as we add more options as more options become available.

We've also rounded up the best S20 Ultra cases separately, and have a range of recommended screen protectors for the S20 range. And if you're interested in picking up the phone itself, see our round up of the best S20/S20 Plus and S20 Ultra deals separately. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Cases

Samsung Official S20 Cases

If you want a case that's sure to fit, you can't go wrong with Samsung's own offerings. The brand offers a range of cases for its phones and at different price points too. 

You can pick up a simple silicone case for the S20 and S20 Plus for as low as £24.99, or opt for fancier protection in the LED View Cover (£54) or Clear View Cover (£49) that lets you see all the key information you need at a glance on the cover itself.

You can find Samsung's original cases on Amazon as well.

Otterbox Galaxy S20 Symmetry Case

Otterbox Galaxy S20 Symmetry Case

Otterbox has become a golden standard when it comes to protective cases. Its Symmetry options for the S20 and S20 Plus include a pull-out Pop Socket plug at the back which converts into a holder and a case. 

The Pop Socket is interchangeable, which means you can switch up the look whenever you please. See our round up of the best Pop Sockets here.

In terms of rigor, you can expect serious drop protection from the Otterbox, which puts its cases through over 24 tests and over 248 hours of testing. Pick it up directly from Otterbox for £34.99/$60.95.

Head to Otterbox to see all its cases for the S20 range (US range here) including the Symmetry style without the Pop Socket attachment.

UAG Samsung Galaxy S20 Case

UAG Samsung Galaxy S20 Case

UAG cases may not be the prettiest to look at, but they are strong and reliable. You get military-grade drop protection and scratch resistance, which makes it ideal if you lead an outdoorsy life.

It's also compatible with wireless charging and NFC payment.  Pick it up directly from UAG for $39.95 (around £30). The S20 Plus verion is available at the same price.

Also available from Amazon for both the S20 and S20 Plus.

BodyGuardz Harmony Case for Galaxy S20

BodyGuardz Harmony Case for Galaxy S20

The Harmony case from Bodyguardz is both attractive and protective. We're especially taken with the "Unicorn" style, which has a gorgeous pink to blue gradient and a mesh cover over the speaker that keeps out grime. It's a detailing we haven't seen on any other case which certainly adds some oomph.

The TPU cases uses Kevlar for maximum impact absorption. In fact, the case can withstand a drop of 10 feet. There isn't much smudge protection on the back of the case, but the material feels strong and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

You can pick it up for US$39.95 (around £31, plus $12.95 shipping to the UK) directly from Bodyguardz though creating an account reduces the price. It's also available for the S20 Plus for the same price.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S20 Case

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S20 Case

Tech 21 is a favourite of ours. Its cases are high quality and offer excellent drop protection. There's more reason to love its cases now that it also offers antimicrobial protection and is made from plant-based material if you opt for the Pure Clear case (£29.95/US$39.95), which accommodates up to 2 cards and offers 12ft drop protection 

The Evo Check (£29.95/$39.95) which also offers 12 feet drop protection lets you mix and match the covers over the buttons.

See S20 Plus options over at Tech 21 (US range here).

Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S20 Leather Case

Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S20 Leather Case

Snakehive, another brand we adore, handcrafts beauitiful full grain nubuck leather cases in a range of colours and at an affordable price. We're happy to now see options for the S20 and S20 Plus (£29.95/US$37.99).

It's a wallet case which lets you stow away up to three cards. For £6.95/$6.99 you can also personalize the case with your initials.

You can also find options for the S20 Plus on Amazon.

Mous Samsung Galaxy S20 Limitless Case

Mous Samsung Galaxy S20 Limitless Case

It's not a "best cases" round up without Mous, which make virtually indestructible cases,  thanks to its AiroShock technology. You can add suction mounts and magnetic wallet attachments to add even more functionality to its cases too. 

Mous make cases in a variety of finishes, like bamboo, leather and walnut wood. You also get a lifetime warranty. 

Pick up a Mous case for your S20 for £39.99/US$49.99 or your S20 Plus for £49.99/$59.99.

Totallee Thin Samsung Galaxy S20 Case

Totallee Thin Samsung Galaxy S20 Case

Totallee make super thin cases for a range of phones, and now the S20/S20 Plus phones too. 

At 0.1oz and 0.02in thin, the cases are fittingly called "Thin" and feature a super minimalist design with "No branding. No bulk", as its site says.

That also means you shouldn't expect rugged drop protection either -- but it will keep your phone safe from daily scratches and bumps.

Pick it up directly from Totallee for the S20 or S20 Plus (both US$35/around £27). There is a US$14.99 shipping fee for international orders.