The latest phones from OnePlus come in three flavours: the OnePlus 7, the 7 Pro and the 7 Pro 5G. The devices launched globally on 14 May at OnePlus's special event, which you can see here.

The 7 Pro officially went on sale 21 May – see the best OnePlus 7 range deals. The standard 7 is expected to go on sale in June.

While the standard OnePlus 7 is somewhat of a faster version of the OnePlus 6T, the OnePlus 7 Pro is what's most impressive – so impressive our experts gave it a full five-star rating and a Tech Advisor recommended badge. A few standout features include a 90Hz display, a pop-up selfie camera and a triple-lens rear camera – all powered with a Snapdragon 855 processor. The 7 Pro now sits at the top spot in our best smartphones of the year chart.

The pop-up camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro frees up all 6.67 inches of screen space from camera notches – which means there's a lot of screen to protect. If you're already looking for cases, you've come to the right place.

While we haven't tried all the options out yet, we've seen these brands in action before on tonnes of other phones and models. We will be trying more cases as they become available to stay tuned.

Best OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 cases

1. Otterbox Symmetry for OnePlus 7 Pro

Otterbox Symmetry for OnePlus 7 Pro

No case round up is complete without Otterbox. It's a brand that's built a strong repuation with its strong cases. The Symmetry covers all the grounds you'd expect: drop protection, raised bezels to protect the screen, cutouts for easy access to buttons and ports.

Plus, it's a clear case that will let you show off the beautiful natural sheen of the OnePlus 7 Pro's body.

It's available directly from Otterbox's site for £29.99/US$49.95

2. Spigen OnePlus 7 Pro Case Rugged Armor

Spigen OnePlus 7 Pro Case Rugged Armor

Spigen is another heavyweight brand when it comes to cases. The Rugged Armour is a staple in many of our round ups. It's light yet rugged, offering military grade protection.

The case uses 'Air Cushion Technology' to insulate corners and absorb shock. You can pick it up for under £10/US$13 from Amazon.

3. Olixar OnePlus 7 Pro Case Leather Back

Olixar OnePlus 7 Pro Case Leather Back

We've recommended Olixar cases in nearly all our past case round ups. The brand offers reliable protection at affordable prices.

The Leather Back case mimics a rough cowhide texture on the rear for added grip, while the TPU body offers rugged protection with its reinforced corners. You can also expect precise cut outs for easy access to ports, buttons, and that nifty pop-up camera in the 7 Pro.

The 7 Pro Leather Back from Olixar case is available on Amazon for £9.99/US$12.99. You can find a version for the standard OnePlus 7 at Mobile Fun for £9.99/US$10.99.

4. Ringke OnePlus 7 Pro Fusion-X Case

Ringke OnePlus 7 Pro Fusion-X Case

Ringke is another brand that offers reliable, affordable protection. The Fusion-X case features a rugged design, but one that doesn't hide the OnePlus 7's beauty, thanks to its clear back.

The case meets military drop test standards, plus an integrated lanyard hole gives you the option to attach a wrist strap for added security.

You can pick it up or the OnePlus 7 Pro in black or red from Amazon, for £8.99/US$12.99.

5. Tudia OnePlus 7 Pro Case

Tudia OnePlus 7 Pro Case

Tudia is another brand quick to offer cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro. The Slim-Fit design incorporates two layers: a hard polycardbonate exterior and a soft TPU lining. Together, you get a case that promises rugged protection from drops, falls, dings and scratches.

Plus, the "rubberized gel skin" creates a natural grip – useful for the butterfingered.

It's not available for the standard OnePlus 7, but the 7 Pro version is available on Amazon for £10.99/$10.90 in a few colours including Matte Black, Blue, Metallic Slate and Rose Gold. 

6. 32nd Shop OnePlus 7 Pro Classic Series Leather Case

32nd Shop OnePlus 7 Pro Classic Series Leather Case

We're a sucker for wallet cases –  it's style, convenience, and protection rolled into one.

32nd's Classic Series' wallet cases for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro are made of genuine leather. The front cover closes magnetically, keeping the screen protected, while slots on the interior lets you stow away cards and cash.

The standard OnePlus 7 version is available directly from the brand's website for £14.99. The OnePlus 7 Pro version can be found on Amazon UK for the same price in both black and aubergine. It's currently unavailable in the US.