LG has launched its new flagship phone, the LG G4, calling it the “most ambitious smartphone yet”. It comes with a 5.5in, 538ppi IPS Quantum Display as well as an 16MP camera and the is first phone to use Snapdragon 808, a six core processor. With such an ambitious phone, no doubt you’ll need something equally as great to protect it – and that’s where we come in. We’ve found some of the best cases available for the LG G4, with something for everyone.

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Best LG G4 cases: Mophie Juice Pack

The Mophie Juice Pack is a battery case designed for those of us that like to use our phones all day, every day. The company recently announced the Juice Pack for the LG G4, and is available to pre order on the Mophie website for £90 with a late June delivery estimate. It houses a 3450mAh battery that will give you 80% extra battery, which Mophie claims will extend talk time from 19 hours to 31 hours, or give you an extra 9 hours (20 in total) of internet use. It charges using a standard Micro-USB and uses technology that passes the charge through the juice pack and directly into your phone until it has a full charge, and only then will the juice pack start to charge.

The juice pack doesn’t just charge your phone, as it has a two-piece hard shell design and is made from polycarbonate, which Mophie claims will “endure heavy impacts and hard falls so your LG G4 remains secure in just about any situation”. It even has a slightly raised bezel around the front edge to protect your phone in screen-first falls.

Best LG G4 cases: i-Blason Clear case

The i-Blason clear case is the cheapest case available in our roundup, and is for those of us that like to show off the design of our phones instead of hiding them in bulky cases. The case is apparently treated to be resistant to scratches and dings, but it doesn’t look like it can provide the same level of protection as other, more durable cases in our roundup.

That’s not the point of this case though, as it’s a thin case that’s designed to show off your phone instead of protect it. It’s not very expensive, at only £5 for the clear case and £7 for the slightly more stylish option that includes a black bezel. Both cases are available to pre-order now, with an early June delivery.

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Best LG G4 cases: Caseology Wavelength Case

The Caseology Wavelength case for the LG G4 is one of the more stylish cases available, available in either navy blue and gold, pink and gold, red and black, turquoise and white or all black. It’s designed with every day use in mind, using Caseology’s “true grip technology” to make sure that the phone doesn’t slip out of your hand – an issue when using a glossy/plastic case.

It’s made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which is highly resistant to oil, dirt and scratches and allows for the look of a hard case, with the shock absorpbtion of a soft case. There’s a common misconception that a hard case is the best kind of protection you can get, but when a hard case is dropped, you’ll find that it doesn’t always absorb the shock too well and will often crack. It also has raised bezels at the front to protect your screen from damage, as well as a lifted camera bezel to protect your camera lens from scratches.  

The Caseology Wavelength case is available to pre-order on Amazon for £13, and will be in stock on the 30June.

Best LG G4 cases: Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case for the LG G4 definitely stood out to us, as it’s a very visually striking case and is available in either champagne gold, gunmetal, satin silver or black. First of all, it’s a two part case; it uses TPU for the main body and polycarbonate for the frame, giving your phone great overall protection. The TPU on the back of the case has been designed to fit the curve of the G4 while also providing extra grip, thanks to the pattern used. For an extra level of protection, Spigen decided to add an interior web pattern to the TPU, which the company claims provides an extra level of shock absorption.

You can always judge the quality of a case by how precise the cutouts for the camera, buttons and speaker are. Fortunately for Spigen, the Neo Hybrid looks like it hit the nail on the head with the positioning of the cutouts, giving us the impression of a very well designed case.

The Spigen Neo Hybrid case for the LG G4 is available to buy now via Amazon, costing between £15 and £18 depending on the colour you choose.

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Best LG G4 cases: Verus Dandy Wallet Case

When you first look at the Verus Dandy wallet case for the LG G4, you know that it’s designed with style in mind. Even though it looks like it’s made from leather, it’s made from a leather-style material to help keep the overall price down. It also sports a stitched leather-style lining and embossed stamping that gives it a classic, but professional look. The inner frame is differentiated by a slightly different colour that should compliment the outer case and overall design.

The Verus Dandy also doubles as a wallet, as it boasts three card storage slots, as well as a “document pouch” which could also be used for cash. It’s not just a wallet though – the Verus Dandy wallet case should protect your G4 against drops and general damage, thanks to its form fitting inner frame. It should also protect your screen from scratches and damage whenever the case is closed.

The Verus Dandy wallet case is available to pre-order at Mobile Fun, costing £20 and is available in either brown, black or wine red.

Best LG G4 cases: FlexiShield Dot

The FlexiShield Dot isn’t made from TPU like many other cases, but instead ofted for a durable gel material which the manufacturer claims “makes it flexible like silicone and tougher than a crystal case” – the perfect combination, right? That’s not the only good thing about the use of the gel material, as it has a non slip coating that provides you with extra grip for your phone and minimises the chance of you dropping it. It also means that it’s thin, which makes it ideal for those of you that hate using bulky cases.

One issue with using a gel material is that air pockets usually form between the phone and the material, which ends up with the case warping. The manufacturer has specifically said that the FlexiShield Dot won’t have the same effect because of the dotted surface, as it’s supposed to evenly distribute the air between your phone and the case. Like many other cases we’ve featured, it also comes with a raised bezel to stop your screen from coming into contact with any flat surface, helping to reduce both damage when dropped and the collection of scratches/dirt when it’s placed face down.

You can pre-order the FlexiShield Dot at Mobile Fun for only £10, and is available in either blue or black.

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