You can make your Kodi experience faster and safer using a VPN. Not only will it give you an added layer of privacy and security, it may also allow access to even more content online. Here, we round-up the best VPNs for Kodi, whether you're using the media player on its own or in a Kodi box.

First, we'll give you a quick overview of what exactly a VPN is and what it does, then talk you through our pick of the five best options. We're assuming you already know lots about the Kodi media player and that's what brought you here, but if not you can find out everything you need to know by following the links below:

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which essentially means that it will keep you completely anonymous when using the internet. It does so by creating a private tunnel over the internet to a server. That server can be in the same country as you or located elsewhere. All of the data traffic sent over the VPN is encrypted, so it can't be intercepted.

If you're looking for a VPN to use with Kodi, you'll want to opt for a service that offers fast download speeds for smoother streaming, as well as good security and privacy.

You can find out more about VPNs and what they do in our full VPN guide.

Best VPN for Kodi

1. NordVPN


NordVPN is one of our favourite VPN options. It's outside of the jurisdiction of the 'fourteen eyes' and it has a strict 'no logs' policy. This means you don't have to worry about any of your internet activities being tracked. Plus, there are more than 5,000 servers to choose from across 62 countries.

There's an excellent level of encryption, too, including a DoubleVPN option and a kill switch.

It's easy to set up and there's great 24/7 support. It's quick and it works on most operating systems. Plus, you can use it on up to six devices simultaneously.

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2. ExpressVPN


If speed is your biggest priority then ExpressVPN could be the best VPN for you. It logs only date stamps, but keeps no record of your IP address. You can choose from 148 cities in 94 countries.

There are apps for iOS and Android in addition to MacOS and Windows, and you'll also find that it offers a router VPN option that will protect every device connected to it for an extra level of security within your WiFi network.

It also has a great support system and a really good 30-day money back guarantee.

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3. PureVPN


Hong Kong-based PureVPN boasts more than 2,000 servers across 140 countries, and doesn't record any activity aside from connections and bandwidth used only to optimally manage its servers.

PureVPN offers a Kill Switch and split tunnelling, and it maintains its own DNS servers too.

We like that you can choose location by activity to connect you to an optimal server, and there's great support available with a 7-day money back guarantee.

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4. IPVanish


IPVanish is another good option, and is particularly popular among Kodi users. It has more than 1,000 servers and counting, and that's across more than 60 countries, so you'll be able to change your virtual location to a wide variety of places to suit your needs.

You can connect ten devices at once with your IPVanish account, and it won't log any traffic. One of the benefits of IPVanish is that it owns and operates its entire internal infrastructure (its private network, its physical points of presence and its anonymous servers), while many other VPN companies use third parties.

IPVanish offers a Kill Switch to end internet activity should the VPN drop for any reason, too.

IPVanish works on almost any platform, and there's a 7-day money back guarantee if you are undecided about whether it's going to work for you.

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5. CyberGhost


Our final recommendation is CyberGhost. It has a solid reputation for security and transparency, too, with excellent encryption and apps for Android and iOS in addition to Windows and MacOS.

There are more than 2,790 servers available across 60 countries, as well as a kill switch. It's based in Romania, therefore outside the 14-eyes, and is very simple to use.

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